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How Glued Insects Helped Boost Orphea’s Business

Orphea, an insecticide brand established in 1920. Johann Heinerich and his daughter Sylvia Bachmann chose name Orphea referring to Orpheus, a poet and musician in Greek mythology.The Swiss inventor Johann Heinerich Bachmann collected some formulas of natural remedies which were effective against insects. He has deep knowledge about herbal medicines. He has successfully prepared various effective mixtures of over 400 elements extracted from different plants and flowers.

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Orphea is known for their creative marketing ads and campaigns. In 2013 they came up with an outdoor campaign which turned out to be one of the great marketing campaigns. They have rented a huge billboard in Milan. On that billboard, they have placed an image of their insecticide spray product to the left side. They have applied an invisible glue in the shape of an aerosol spray on that billboard to show the effectiveness of the campaign.

Orphea took a challenge to prove the efficiency of Orphea 4D spray in the open air. After a few days, that campaign started to show its effectiveness. Outdoor insects like mosquitoes, flies and some others insects as well got stuck on that aerosol spray-shaped glue and then ad became a giant insect trap over a time. Orphea claims to have caught over 2,30,000 insects in this particular campaign.

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This incident brought the attention of thousands of people who were traveling around that billboard. As a large numbers of insects were caught at on billboard, everyone was curious to know how all these insects got stuck there. Also even some people used to come up to the billboard just to see the campaign as it was something new and out of box . We humans generally don’t like insects, After every spring they come back and they are very annoying . so it was very obvious that people liked the marketing campaign.

In a few days, orphea got so much popularity for this creative marketing campaign. Publicis, one of the leading advertising agencies in Milan has posted the campaign video on their own youtube channel, which also went very viral showing its effectiveness. People instantly have decided to buy that product immediately and this ultimately lead to the sale of the product in a large amount. So the spot purchasing / buying has been seen among the customers of orphea after this particular campaign. Orphea not just witnessed a hike in their stakes, but also invited a lot of fame.