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How Mumbai police’s wittiness is winning hearts over social media

Mumbai police have been ruling everybody’s hearts over social media lately and how can we not adore them and their creativity? Their friendly vibe and their brilliant sense of humour is something that has been spellbinding us.

Mumbai police’s social media accounts are ingeniously sharing informational posts and we can’t stop admiring them. Their jocular creativity has become the talk of the town. From taking references of puns, funny memes, movie pieces, to almost everything which enables them to create meme material, they do it all.

While people are engrossed in developing new hobbies and scrutinizing their creativity in lockdown, Mumbai police are already nailing it.

When people run out of ideas to sneak out of the house and feel an urge to go out in the lockdown, Mumbai police on the other hand makes meme materials to spread awareness & warnings to not violate the rules or else they will have to face bad consequences. We can’t deny the fact that these are some amazing Marketing strategies to accelerate their fan followings.

Marketing strategy goal -:

1) Mumbai police and the team knew they had to keep up with Genz trends to educate & supervise people. Being too rigorous has become old school now being strict and savage is more like the Mumbai police’s style.

2) To make all the significant information or announcements remarkable they came up with this strategy.

How do they handle it? 

– Mumbai police’s Twitter account tweets at least 5-6 times a day which contains Traffic updates, important information, witty comebacks or just awareness posts.

– They constantly keep an Eagle eye on News, trends, Frequents updates and announcements. They work in three-shift in a room called a “web cell” in the commissioner’s office.

They deploy the best memes and their comebacks are something you wouldn’t want to miss.

How this strategy helps -: 

1) It makes the citizens feel affable yet they are kept within their limits to not mess with the cops.

2) It is the best strategy to glue any significant information to people’s minds for long enough to be remembered when they take matters airily.

3) This helps the citizens to interact and share their problems with the Mumbai police directly. They take immediate action and respond with the best comebacks.

For instance -: Recently a man tweeted to Mumbai police wanting to meet his girlfriend to which Mumbai responded wittily.

how mumbai polices wittiness is winning hearts over social media

How adorable is this response!!!

Mumbai police are not only good at keeping our state safe but they are also good at blazing the marketing strategy.

Conclusion -:  

– Trends and social media are real diamonds in today’s time. Social media plays a very vital role in shaping minds and connecting people digitally.

– The Mumbai police team hunts for contents and fuses it with informational / warning pieces and boom… there’s new content surfacing on the internet. They are the splendid example of making informative things fun.

– In today’s time no matter what profession you belong to you have to make your social media game vigorous to stand out in the crowd. Even the officials preferred this strategy because people give first preference to meme content these days.

– While everybody is speaking the language of social media and contents why should Mumbai police be lagging, there you go, Mumbai police sets the supreme benchmark on social media platforms.

Do you think this social media strategy by the Mumbai police is helping people in some way?