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McDonald’s Advertisements – All you need to know!

Advertisements are the most notable among McDonald’s promotion tactics. The corporation uses TV, radio, print media and online media for its advertisements. On the other hand, sales promotions are used to draw more customers to the company’s restaurants. For example, McDonald’s offers discount coupons and freebies for certain products and product bundles, as a way of attracting more consumers. In addition, the company’s public relations activities help promote the business to the target market through goodwill and brand strengthening. For instance, the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the McDonald’s Global Best of Green environmental program support communities while boosting the value of the corporate brand. Occasionally, the company uses direct marketing, such as for corporate clientele, local governments, or community events and parties. In this element of its marketing mix, McDonald’s Corporation emphasizes advertising as its main approach to promote its products.

McDonald’s has come with some clever marketing campaigns over the years, often using digital to drive people towards those magical Golden Arches. These campaigns not only drive footfall to restaurants, but also help to increase brand loyalty and engagement. Even during the period of the whole pandemic, McDonalds did a great job with their advertising.

McDonald’s India West and South launched a new campaign that emphasises the brand’s commitment to serving safe and hygienic food to its customers in a changing world. The campaign also highlights the brand’s convenience channels – including contactless delivery, take out and on-the-go that enable customers to savour their favourite McDonald’s food whenever, wherever and however they like.

Apart from this, there are many more examples from across the world where McDonald’s has succeeded. Few of them are :

Hands Full

McDonald’s used to be all about the food, but in 2018 it chose to focus on strides in customer experience, highlighting how the brand is making it easier for everyone in restaurants. The campaign is made up of three different ads, called ‘Hands Full’, ‘Grownup’ and ‘It Must Be’. Each one shows a different in-store innovation, including the McDonald’s mobile app, in-store order screens, and table service. Part of McDonald’s aim was to change perceptions (and highlight innovation), making it a story-driven and highly engaging campaign that targeted families in particular.

Bevin Burger’s Facebook live

McDonald’s held its first ever Facebook Live event in 2016, in honour of ‘National Hamburger Day’ in the US. Mimicking the style of Bob Ross (the American painter and TV host), it saw the comedian “Bevin Berger” paint a trio of burger-inspired portraits. Previously, McDonald’s had shied away from live-streamed videos for fear of criticism or lack of engagement on social media. However, users clearly lapped up this comedic effort from the fast food chain.


Back in 2015, McDonald’s used influencer marketing to dispel myths about the way its chicken nuggets are made. The brand brought in YouTube star Raphael Gomes to create a ‘What’s in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets?’ sponsored video, including the hashtag #GoodToKnow.

Ask McDonald’s

With many members of the public being concerned about the quality and traceability of their food, McDonald’s Canada wanted to make sure that customers were informed. In order to address this, they offered to answer questions from the public about their food. Over 20,000 questions were asked during the 2015 campaign, of which each one was answered. The brand also set up a YouTube channel to showcase video responses to some of the questions, and drawing customers into the story even further

In this way, McDonalds have always used innovative ideas for it’s marketing and advertising and never failed to make its audience go all crazy with their campaigns.