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Must Watch Campaigns on Women’s Day

A day solely dedicated to celebrate the presence of women in our lives, the anchor amidst all the chaos, our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, who ask for nothing in return, but give their everything to the ones they love, International Women’s Day is the opportunity pay them back in love, respect, and appreciation. Women’s Day has always seen brands and agencies create beautiful content, with simple yet powerful messages which were executed to perfection. Some were inspiring, some were quirky and certainly all were relatable – these campaigns really brought to life the underlying spirit of Women’s Day.

Here’s our pick of few Women’s Day campaigns that really stood out and caught everyone’s attention:

1. Vivo India

Collaborating with Bani J for an International Women’s Day campaign, Vivo India chose to promote the message of self confidence in a short video.

2. Reliance Fresh

Reliance Fresh’s #JeeLeZara urged women to step outside, and do what they love, and live for themselves for once, this International Women’s Day.

3. Flipkart

Flipkart’s #RaiseHerToLead campaign for Women’s Day propagated a very important message – we must raise our women so they’re empowered to achieve their dreams. The campaign breaks the traditional outlook of treating marriage as the all-important milestone in a woman’s life and makes a case for celebrating milestones that make a woman independent and take her own decisions.

4. Cello Writing

Cello Writing’s campaign showcases a daughter-in-law, who’s an IAS officer, leaving home and her entire family not only supports her but takes immense pride in her glory. The video furthers the important message of empowering women to be able to happily do whichever role they choose to.


BIBA has the most heartwarming campaign this Women’s Day. No words spoken, just a few slices of life snippets showcasing how an equal world starts with you.

6. TVS Eurogrip

Women are donning diverse roles across varied domains and are doing so with panache. They are specialists at whatever they do, and are changing the world every day, moving many lives. TVS Eurogrip’s video is a tribute to the women who inspire us to be progressive, dynamic and empowered.

7. Rio Pads

On the occasion of International Women’s Day Rio celebrated the strength of every woman. Strength, which is not just physical, but also in all aspects of womanhood that go unsaid.

8. Kotak Silk

Kotak Silk, a banking programme for women, had a really stirring campaign on Women’s Day featuring the legendary sports women PT Usha. The video showcased her applauding and celebrating all the women who are acing it at different sports and in other walks of life. It’s a campaign that not only glorifies the millions of women killing it in their everyday lives, but also brings with it a promise that Kotak Silk will partner with them in this journey to help them achieve their dreams.

These were some of the campaigns that brands did for Women’s Day. Tell us which campaign you liked the most and why? Also what do you think will such campaigns bring a positive change in society?