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Some Of The Best April Fools Day Campaigns

The onset of April 1st each year presents a unique opportunity for brands to trick their consumers with elaborate pranks and generous doses of mischief with April Fools Day campaigns. Brands capitalize on the occasion with fake products, ridiculous offers, and anything that can help them raise the bar with their April Fools Day campaigns. Brands such as KFC India’s Yellow American Mustard and Sweet Chilli Lip Balm, while travel portal Ixigo opted for the Ixigo Kavach, a futuristic luggage lock, and many more interesting takes on unlikely products and other brand introductions contributed with clever deceptions.

While some of these campaigns are well disguised, some manage to confuse the audiences and even make them believe the existence of some pranks.

Ola Rooms

What made this campaign shine for us was a lot of incidental detail. The basic idea — Ola’s larger vehicles doubling up as sleeping areas — was funny while falling a few steps short of comedy gold. But then there are a few hilarious touches like the woman curling up with a book reading On The Road by Jack Kerouac; the revolutionary takeaway breakfast and the choice of terrain to wake up to. Also if schadenfreude is how you like your humour served up, there’s also legions of furious people in the comments section using the gag as an excuse to vent about Ola and its regular cab service.

UberEats – Anti-ageing Ice Cream

People don’t tend to require any added incentive to consume ice cream; but what if instead of just tasting ridiculously delicious, it could also slow down ageing? The online food ordering and delivery platform launched by Uber sent emails and bought YouTube ads to show a scrumptious chocolate ice cream and claimed that it would tackle 8 signs of ageing. The announcement was met by disbelief and skepticism, and was quickly called out on social media; however, several people are likely to be left waiting for this miraculous dual-purpose ice cream with bated breath.

some of the best april fools day campaigns


King’s XI Punjab – Sehwag makes a comeback?

Famous across the country as an aggressive opening batsman, ‘Viru’ or Virender Sehwag is a household name in India. Having retired from all forms of the game in 2015, the prolific run-scorer has remained prominent with his constant quips and humorous observations on Twitter consistently making news. Fans and players alike must thus have been clean bowled when the King’s XI Punjab twitter handle declared that the ‘Nawab of Najafgarh’ would be taking the field in the season opening game of the 11th IPL. With Yuvraj Singh tweeting his support, many were left hopeful that this was real; unfortunately, they were all victims of some clever April Fool-ing by the IPL team.


MTV India


McDonald’s India

These were some of the April Fool’s Day pranks that caught our attention. If you think we have missed out some of them then do let us know in the comments below. We would love to watch more such campaigns.