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The first EV playlist on Spotify. See how Spotify powered the EV for a new campaign.

The Tata Nexon EV, a car that’s called “India’s own,” has been breaking new ground since its launch and has even been awarded India’s safest electric compact SUV. Because of the car’s distinctiveness, its marketing strategy had to be equally unusual and effective. So they partnered with Spotify.

Tata Nexon EV has teamed up with Spotify India to design and deliver a unique marketing campaign. The company wanted the campaign to raise awareness about the product features and encourage their potential buyers to sign up for a test drive.

the first ev playlist on spotify see how spotify powered the ev for a new campaign

The campaign was executed by creating a branded profile for Tata Nexon on Spotify. The profile included specially chosen content in the form of customised playlists that highlighted the Tata Nexon essence. This playlist includes Nexon Electric Beat, Rock the Road, and Charge Up Your Highway. The company also included a Noise Free playlist to highlight one of the best features is the quiet nature of Tata Nexon’s electric engine.

Tata Nexon EV leveraged the power of Spotify’s algorithm and reach to target its demographics of choice. Classic rock to electronic beats, hip-hop hits to techno different types of music were included in the playlists. The songs were meant to appeal Tata Nexon’s audience: Owners of premium gadgets and over the age of 25. Spotify’s well-known streaming intelligence and algorithm made this achievable with ease.

Tata Nexon EV’s audience was also targeted specifically with overlay advertising. The audio was also utilised in all of the company’s advertisements to highlight the car’s features with special sound effects. These banners and advertisements directed listeners to the car’s branded profile, where they could browse playlists, learn more about the vehicle, and sign up for a free test drive.

This power-packed partnership topped the charts and Tata Nexon managed to make some noise with its innovative marketing idea. It was the perfect combination of good drivers and excellent targeting. The intended audience received 1.1 million impressions, with a unique reach of 567,731 listeners and potential purchases and a CTR that was 2X higher than standards. With over 175 hours of music listening on the Tata Nexon EV profile on Spotify, listeners were not only engaged with the brand’s commercials, but also with the material chosen for Tata Nexon EV by Spotify.