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The luxury everyone can afford. See how Zara topped the Indian market without any advertising.

Zara is one of the most well-known brands in the fashion industry worldwide. Why is Zara so successful in India when other brands are failing? Zara is unique in that they did not invest in marketing. Their daring efforts have won them the distinction of being one of the most innovative retailers in the world.

Zara is mainly based on the concept of fast fashion. It’s analogous to the concept of fast-moving consumer goods. Fast fashion is marketed to a primarily young adult and middle-aged demographic. Zara approached the market in collaboration with the Tata Group, a retail giant.

One great strategy by Zara is that they do not resort to advertising. This model works perfectly with the brand as it helps in maintaining the authenticity, luxury, and uniqueness of the brand. For different reasons, India is considered a challenging market for Zara. Mainly, because the majority of people wear traditional clothing and have less experience with rapidly changing fashion trends.

the luxury everyone can afford see how zara topped the indian market without any advertising

The price of Zara products is much lesser than the other luxury brands and the lack of advertisements helps to maintain its luxury impression. Zara uses its location strategy to increase sales by setting up stores near luxurious brands to encourage people to purchase clothing and accessories from Zara. The masterstroke, Zara continuously changes designs according to the trends as all the products are manufactured in Europe. Zara creates a sense of urgency by changing its products on display every three to four weeks.

Zara uses customer feedback as a part of its creative process. The sales associates listen and note down customer comments, ideas, and feedback. Their unrelenting focus on the customer is at the core of the brand’s success. Zara’s culture is that the brand has no fear of giving responsibility to young people, and the culture encourages risk-taking.

Zara became one of the most popular worldwide fashion brands in India thanks to a top-down approach and comprehensive control of the supply chain, as well as a detailed analysis of Indian market research categories. Zara’s effective business model is based on vertical integration and the ability to respond rapidly, both of which have helped them achieve remarkable success.