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The vital role of Social Media for Real Estate | Case Study


Today, Gami Group is perceived as the symbol of quality, commitment, transparency and trust. The secret to their success can be traced in their relentless passion to rise above the ordinary by exploring newer possibilities. In-depth planning to design spaces that offer more room for life to flourish.

Unbending commitment to bring the best to life. And more importantly, their fine ability to constantly deliver futuristic spaces complemented by precise engineering, eco-friendly spirit and latest technology.


Organizations in every industry are making their presence on social media. So it is vital for a construction company’s presence on social media. Gami Group may have made many remarkable constructions. They must be holding credibility amongst their customers because of their work. They would be an expert in the field. Their clients will be happy with the services, but they also needed to progress by acquiring new clients, as repeating the clients won’t make much progress. Also, they were facing a lot of competition in the field. With such competition making their presence on social media and knowing social media tips for construction companies was vital.

How did Matrix Bricks come up with a solution

Matrix Bricks, one of the top agencies in the field of digital marketing has consistently proved that strength lies in delivering solutions that exceeds the expectations of the client. With an objective to maintain these standards.

After a brief discussion with the client & understanding their vision, our team was able to come up with some reasoning that built a bridge for the client in understanding the strength of social media marketing activities performed at Matrix Bricks Infotech:

With such a large majority of construction companies using social media, it’s worth taking a look at how it’s being used and which tools are most effective. Gami Group, one of the leading construction companies in New Mumbai agree with Mehul G. Brahmbhatt, CEO Matrix Bricks Infotech when he quotes: “We’ve seen all kinds of creative campaigns and unique strategies over the past couple years. What we’ve discovered, though, is that customer engagement is the key to everything you do.”

Most would agree with this, as the number of likes and shares a social media post gets helps determine how long it’s visible in news feeds. Obviously, the longer a post can stay visible, the better. Here are a few strategies commonly used for increasing engagement and reaching customers:

Create a buzz

Anything that draws people in and encourages a second look is great. Many companies find success by creating a buzz around a particular topic by using compelling images, inserting crisp ad copy, and curating fresh, relevant content.

Ask for participation

Social media is designed by nature to be social. It’s intended to bring multiple parties together for conversation and engagement. However, many people remain silent observers until convinced they should be an active participant. Companies have found the most success when they implement specific calls-to-action that ask users to make a suggestion, provide an insight, or give feedback.

Become a thought leader

For companies who are extremely knowledgeable, especially in their particular niche, social media provides an excellent opportunity for promoting thought leadership and engaging users. By producing quality content and providing helpful suggestions for users, some construction companies have been able to develop a tight-knit online community.


When using social media, construction companies should remember to follow the
40-40-20 rule as a guideline for what to post. This popular rule of thumb states that on any platform, 40 percent of communication should involve sharing useful industry information, 40 percent should consist of direct interaction with users, and 20 percent should be self-promotion.

Those companies who follow the 40-40-20 rule and effectively engage with customers have been most successful at properly leveraging social media. As any skill does, social media takes time to develop and perfect. It’s something that requires daily attention and ongoing effort, so remain patient and give it your best shot.