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Choose The Best Content Format For Link Building Optimization

Content MarketingAlways for the link building optimization, you need to choose the best content format. Now, there is a definite way to do this and so, it is clearly discussed in this section. Also, content writing services Mumbai is becoming very popular.

How To Choose The Best Content Format For The Purpose Of Link Building?

You must have thought about the GIF or infographic which is mainly considered as an important way helpful to attract the links. Essentially, you will find here a particular list of both pros as well as cons of several visual elements and also their gradual effectiveness at attracting useful links.

There are many of the different elements which can usually affect the overall success of your link building campaign. Also, there are many of the important formats which can be effectively used and so, it mainly covers most executions. Rather than the other forms, a usual interactive format (orange) is particularly involved in getting more coverage. This thing generally differs for all agencies as well as teams.

You will essentially find that there are top four formats which are being used.

  • Long form content
  • GIF
  • Statics
  • Interactive

Now, let’s collect more information related to it.


In recent years, interactive is mainly considered as one of the most popular formats. The interactive content is generally meant to step beyond the usual static infographics and so, it is considered as a commonplace. The users are simply allowed to interact with an interactive piece of content. So, it helps in the overall revealing of the different perspectives on something. The interactive content particularly includes calculators or quizzes. Other than that, it can be something which is much more sophisticated. Due to this features, it can effectively be used for the purpose of link building.


In the last few tears, you can have a resurgence of the GIFs. When it mainly comes to the link building (content driven), it helps to do very well for us. GIF is certainly considered as a middle ground between an interactive as well as static graphics. Without the development time, it becomes easy for you to achieve some of the important effects of an interactive.


Static is mainly considered as such a format which includes a series of image or an infographic. The infographic also is very popular and so, preferably used by most of the people. Additionally, some people are also involved in the generation of links by the use of SEO or search engine optimization specialists. Thus, content writing agencies in India is becoming much popular nowadays. You certainly have a good chance of getting important and also the creation of an infographic is considered to be entertaining, educational and also useful.

Long-form Content

When it comes to the link building, it is traditionally thought to be visual. It usually lacks an infographic, flashiness of interactive pieces as well as visual impact if the particular form is given. An ability to get links is not found in the long form content. The particular useful resources can bring a lot of traffic to it.