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10 Instagram Caption Tips for Fashion Businesses

Fashion businesses have so much scope these days to publish their work online and grab eyeballs. With platforms like Facebook and Instagram, having a user base of around three and two billion each, it’s become easier than ever to reach your desired target audience!

Being in the business of fashion means having some oomph, some panache in your creatives — and your captions.

Small but mighty, the caption cannot be overlooked. Because a good social media caption holds the power to attract, engage, and convert fans.

It shouldn’t be tacked onto your posts as an afterthought when wielding it well can work wonders for your social media content.

Because captions deliver. Whether it’s more fans you want, increased revenue, or even virality, captions deliver. *Insert Mumbai Police’s Twitter account*

Now that you realize that captions are important, it’s time you knew how to write good ones. Here are 10 Instagram caption tips we curated for your fashion business-

  1. Write the captions intentionally:

Be it increasing awareness, or driving conversion through strategically worded CTA, you need to begin with having a clear idea of what your captions aim to achieve. This helps you nail the final result and not just write the caption for the sake of filling it. Some of your caption #goals can be:

  • Trying to sell a product or service

you can include a link and product description in the caption. Giving specific details like sizes, colors, materials, and delivery time here helps.

  • Making the reader take a specific action

If you aim to push your audience toward a particular CTA, you can start off by using something like

  • Click the link
  • Place an order before date x
  • Use our coupon code
  • Garnering likes and comments

For this, you try sparking a discussion. This can be done by asking questions, running a “tag a friend” challenge, or making a funny/thoughtful statement.

  • Attracting a specific target audience

Largely, the social media platform you use funnels this. But you can also influence your intake audience with your brand language and pop culture references.

  1. Tell a story

The audience connects with a brand when the brand speaks to them authentically. And storytelling achieves just this.

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However, there’s a perception that storytelling is limited to just blogs, audio, or video formats. But the fact is, storytelling works— quite well, must we add— for social media captions as well! And we know this, being the most sought-after social media marketing agency in India!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Include excerpts from a diary, book, or movie
  • Run ongoing stories. These keep audiences interested for more because people want to read on when it’s a real story, as it intrigues them. Think Humans of New York, or Bombay for that matter.
  • Offer real quotes and stories from customers, which not just adds credibility but also gives your brand a more humane face. You can complement this by adding real photos and tags for the speakers, which will boost authenticity.
  1. Know your audience

Every fashion brand must have some specific target audience in front of it, that they aim to deliver their services. You need to be as concise as possible because claiming to serve the general population, would present the problem of not knowing who to write your caption for.

Try picking a niche using demographics like income bracket, interests, or age. This will make it easier to identify your target audience and pinpoint your reach.

Pro Tip: Build audience personas who are informed about your brand. When you know who you are speaking to, you know what to write and what to avoid in your captions.

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4.     Write the important stuff first

A cardinal rule of writing is to write the important stuff first, regardless of the social media platform you’re employing. This helps you hook in the audience with the first line itself and emphasize important information.

Here’s another thing, the Instagram captions have a maximum character count of 2,200 characters, but after 3-4 lines, your text is cut off. The same happens on every other platform.

So by writing the important things first, you not only grab short attention spans but also save your important text from disappearing below the Read More cut-off.

  1. Avoid Lengthy captions

In continuation with the word limit principle, avoid using lengthy captions to keep your text appealing. A skim-reader will likely scroll through without reading because lengthy captions have an image of being stuffed with information one may not necessarily want to read. (sigh)

A clever way of keeping the text readability optimum is by using shorter paragraphs and bullet points, which make the caption appear clean and short.

6.     Tag others and encourage your audience to tag their friends

Fashion businesses gain immensely from reviews or recommendations from friends, as it helps boost their brand’s growth.

Why so? Because social proof and friend recommendations are important vouching factors audience feels they can trust.

These, in turn, become the strongest conversion tools in your social media arsenal. So when a fan tags a friend, you’re very, Very likely to make a sale.

But we say don’t just stop at encouraging your audience to tag their friends, go one step ahead and tag another page in your content and include their username in your caption!

This will encourage them to reciprocate and tag your page. And who knows, some of their followers might start engaging with your uploads as well. It’s a win-win 🙂

7.     Encourage Conversations

Captions that encourage conversations are one of the best drivers of engagement, as they hold the power to elicit a response.

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You can initiate conversations with your audience by enticing them with discussion and prompting questions. Try reframing your captions with questions in them, and keeping these questions open-ended, so that interaction is prompted.

For instance, instead of simply stating ‘I love chocolate’ you could switch up the words to “I love chocolates for dessert, especially right after a spicy meal. How about you?’

Pro Tip: Avoid asking “yes” or “no” questions as these do not encourage more conversation.

8.     Give value

Captions that just promote the brand are passe. Every business does that. If you truly want to stand out from the crowd, you need to learn how to spice up your content.

This can be done by writing the captions in different styles for different posts. To help you get started, we have curated a list of content types for sorting your captions:

  • Inspirational – Inspire your followers by helping them see things from a different perspective.
  • Evergreen -Share timeless quotes/ tips on fashion with them.
  • Funny – lighten your audience’s mood, and make them relate with you better.
  • Educate – Educate them about newer ways of dressing up, new trends, wardrobe tips, shopping tips, etc.
  • Connect – talk about your personal wins, inspiration, struggles, challenges, etc with your audience.
  • Engage – question them on fashion-related things which will spark discussion
  1. Be Aware Of Popular Social Media/National Holidays

The calendar is filled with holidays that be capitalized on by making timely posts on them. Instagram, with its photo-sharing nature, becomes the natural pick for engagement for your fashion enterprise.

What’s more, some of these holidays are related to the Fashion industry itself.

Your audience would be much thrilled to learn more about the occasion, and you can satiate this desire with an informational (or any other kind) caption!

  1. Get your hashtags right

Hashtags are ideal for connecting users to a particular subject, raising awareness for important issues, as well as sparking virality around a launch or sale. They add the selling factor to a caption.

Along with helping your post’s engagement, they also serve the search purpose. This is why it’s important to keep things simple with hashtags and use ones that describe exactly what the picture is.

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Adding long ones just to look good is actually, a bad look. And as a fashion business, you always want to be looking good, right?

Instead, simply research your topic well and insert appropriate hashtags in the photo or video captions. You can also add these in the comment after hitting “post.”

In conclusion, social media is about talking to people and trying to get them to participate in a conversation with you. Great captions are an easy and effective way of building community and boosting brand awareness *cough* relatability *cough*.

It is worth hiring professional digital marketing services like those of Matrix Bricks, the best Instagram marketing agency, and captivating your audience with catchy and engaging captions!