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A hot new way for brand connect: Instagram Notes

Our digital lord Instagram quietly released a new update recently and sent the whole digital world into a tizzy! We are, of course, talking about the new Notes feature. 

What is it

Notes by Instagram is a feature that enables users to write short notes with a 60-character limit. These last 24 hours; much like your IG story; are meant to be off-the-cuff while also being on the fly.

This gives users a new way to communicate with their followers on the app, either to air an opinion or to ask a question. You have the choice of either posting to your entire follower list or a select few on your close friend list.

But individual users aren’t the only ones meant to be benefiting from these services! As we have observed, they’re also useful for businesses and their brand strategies

One can use them to promote their products, offer customer service, or simply connect with their fans. It is a novel way of generating brand buzz, as we will illustrate in a bit. But first, let’s see how to take a Note 👀

The process

Very simple! Just open the Instagram app on your phone and navigate to your inbox. There should already be an option for creating a new note— if the app is updated— above your existing messages, indicated with the words ‘your note’.

Simply click on it and write away. 

Choose who you want to share the note with and publish. That’s it, you’ve successfully created your first note!

A case for the Notes: why use them 

Now, for the fun bit. Here’s what we have inferred—

The 60-character Note is a superbly understated way of communicating with your target audience. Why? Because in the world of ever-decreasing attention spans and avant-garde advertising gimmicks, not all brand communication needs to be pushy. Or eye-grabbing. And IG Notes, help achieve just this. 

It allows you to stay in the minds of your customers without actually being too loud with your communication. With a Note, you’re still communicating with your audience, without trying too hard. Notes…are nonchalant. 

With a bite-sized opportunity for a creative, the new update is definitely a worthy exploration we feel: It is a means to tell your customers, hey, we’re thinking of you, or Hey, here’s us!

Not only this but the Note can also be used to broadcast to your audience about the latest product launch, new services, or an upcoming sale?! Who knows, we’ve just begun to get our hands on this feature and the revelation has been fascinating:

The Note is more subtle than Stories while also being less confronting than a DM. 

This makes it a perfect middle ground to create a fun and friendly brand connection. What’s more, your announcements are less likely to get lost in the stories, when they are sitting at the top of your audience’s messages! 

Another plus point? They don’t require the amount of effort that goes into crafting a Story or the commitment for a Feed post. Notes. are. easy. AF. 

That’s all from us, but before you go, here are some of our favorite Notes for your inspiration:  

a hot new way for brand connect instagram notes - Image 1

a hot new way for brand connect instagram notes - Image 2

a hot new way for brand connect instagram notes - Image 3