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Alexa, what’s the future of marketing?

Marketing in the year 2019 is considered to be a bag of contradictions as it involves many aspects from artificial intelligence to the retro marketing trend that is all about finding an audience with digitally weary consumers.

The discipline of marketing is becoming increasingly technical these days. It has also become table stakes to have some level of the technical acumen on how the marketing technology stack plugs together as modern day marketing practitioners.

Also, in this year, CMO’s will particularly demand the marketers expand their tech knowledge which is beyond marketing. So, it is basically into different business functions as marketing continues as transverse across the organizational silos. In this case, the tech-savvy marketers are usually going to be the ones that win the customer experience battleground.

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AI Shifts digital marketers from tactical to strategic players

AI has arrived and so, the roles within the marketing organizations are continuously shifting now. Nowadays, also the marketing operations can leave campaign execution, list pulling and also reporting to the intelligent machines.

In order to become much more focused on data science, they are shifting and also re-skilling themselves and also they are less burdened with these tasks. This is also related to the bigger picture.

The evolving role scape is usually moving away from the execution and order taking to acquire that particular practitioner to have a much deeper understanding of and also influence the complete business strategy.

Digital Marketing Agencies will get left behind

Amongst modern marketers, digital marketing savvy is considered to be most common. So, there will be much less need to work with outside media buying and creative agencies.

Also, this particular shift will bring a significant number of those who are more specialized discipline in-house. The brands also find what they can exactly develop and also source high-quality work at a lower overall cost within their own department. It also requires a greater level of control and transparency.

Digital Marketing strategy goes retro

Generally, what that is old in marketing will again become new. This is the main reason, why the consumers are much more tuned in to the digital marketing manipulation. Also, it makes them even more skeptical and less responsive to even hyper-targeted digital advertising. The current wave of digital marketing has also become overcooked.

In response, the marketers will generally look back to the out of home strategies and more traditional analog with fresh eyes. This is considered to be a resurgent retro marketing trend which will find an audience with digitally weary consumers looking for a more personalized and human relationship with the particular brand they engage in.