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Benefits of Revamping your Website Design

Benefits of Revamping your Website Design

75% of website credibility comes from design.

Technology is constantly evolving and with it, so is everything else online. A lot of brands invest time and energy in designing a good website once but then forget about it. Even though the website may still be reflecting your business, there is a lot more that needs to be looked at for improved ranking, better navigation, and user experience.

Regularly revamping a website can offer brands a host of advantages. If you are unsure about where your website stands with regard to current trends and technology, be sure to consult with a website development company in India.

Here, we bring you the top reasons to revamp your website and the benefits you receive.

Boost search engine ranking

Discoverability is an important benefit of revamping your website. An old or outdated design is unlikely to match Google’s algorithm for ranking. If customers can’t find you – they are not going to be able to buy your products and services. Revamping your website helps you to give your brand a fresh look and improves your search engine ranking. When going in for a revamp, be sure to consult Google’s latest algorithm requirements to ensure all of them are incorporated timely.

Improve navigation and user experience

A digital marketing strategy that draws in customers takes a lot of time and resources. At this stage, losing out on a sale due to poor website experience can significantly compromise profit margins. User experience has become a leading factor for customers to engage with a particular website as well as a determinant for search engine ranking.

Aspects such as page loading speeds, cluttered content, disruptive navigation, and non-responsiveness across multiple screens can hamper user experience and ultimately brand credibility. If you notice any of these factors, it is time to contact a website designing company in India for a revamp.

Improve reach with a responsive website

Smartphones have become the leading medium to surf the internet. Globally, across income brackets, an increasing number of people are using smartphones to surf and shop online. If you still have an old website format, a revamp is essential.

A responsive website has become the need of the hour with numerous people using diverse devices to access information. At this stage, a glitch or slow website will only encourage customers to move to a competitor, costing you a valuable opportunity.

Address visitor grievances

Often brands don’t realize their website is outdated, but their customers do. Be sure to notice any patterns or complaints from customers regarding page speeds, broken links, or issues with navigation or the purchase process.

Do not ignore these comments but work actively to remedy them and respond to the customer accordingly. Engaging with customers timely will allow you to build better relationships. On the other hand, if complaints are left unaddressed they hamper the brand’s credibility and impact the customer base.

Enhance website security

An important aspect of concern for brands is ensuring the security of their website and their customer’s data. These days, hackers and cyberattacks have become a growing concern with numerous data breaches that put customer data at risk.

No one wants to transact on an unsecured platform. Be sure to constantly boost the security of your website to meet all safety standards and protocols and assure customers of their safety.

Consistent branding with company goals

A lot of brands start out with a product but soon expand their business in diverse avenues. A website should accurately reflect all the aspects of the business to maintain credibility. Any changes in the business – be it a product line, branding, logo, slogan, or any such feature, must be updated consistently across the website.

Additionally, with time, a company’s marketing and sales goals may also change. These need to be incorporated consistently across the website as well. Any inconsistencies in branding online, especially on the company website, lead to a severe lack of trust by the customer hampering business profits.

Revamping a website may seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be. In a lot of cases, timely adjustments are all that are needed to keep the website ranking and performing well. In some cases, if a website redesign is needed, keep in mind, that a timely revamp can offer you far more business benefits in the long run. Further, an outdated website can be a significant contributor to your downfall. To ensure your website is optimized and well-suited to your audience, partner with the leading website design services in India.