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Digital marketing strategy to launch a new product

digital marketing strategy to launch a new product

30,000 new consumer products are launched annually, and 95% of them fail.

Companies are constantly seeking to grow. For most of them, business growth occurs with the expansion of a new product launch. A great product launch can play a massive role in boosting a brand’s revenue and visibility. However, a failed product launch can severely deplete a company’s financial reserves while impacting customer perception.

Digital marketing services play an invaluable role in ensuring that a product launch is done effectively by engaging customers and creating the right perception in the market. Here, we bring you the ultimate digital marketing guide that is guaranteed to make your product launch a resounding success.

Identify target audience

This is extremely crucial when launching a new product. It is important to know the demographics and buying behavior of the targeted audience. Brands can no longer cater in a general manner to the general audience. Instead, every new product launch needs to be tailored to the target audience using a medium that is most used by them.

Create a buzz

Ramping up customer engagement before the launch is a great way of enhancing product acceptability and launch success. Creative digital marketing solutions such as freebies on orders, discounts, contests, and other user engagement promotional strategies are a great way to create a buzz. An added way of boosting product acceptability is encouraging customers to share testimonials on the website or social media.

Optimize the landing page on the website

Interested customers will be visiting the website or social media page to learn more about the company and product. Make sure the website and landing page are optimized for speed and contain all important information. On social media, pin the post containing the product details and links before the launch for customers to locate it easily. Also, make sure that your website is mobile-responsive to avoid alienating any potential customers.

Partner with influencers

Influencer marketing is a great way of attracting a huge customer base to your product. A lot of people these days are persuaded by positive comments by an influencer. During a product launch, brands can tie up with influencers that cater to the preferred demographic audience for advertising or reviews. Sharing unboxing and product review videos by sending influencers free samples or inviting them for a discussion are great ways to educate customers about the product in a way that appeals to them.

Don’t forget SEO

Digital marketing services in India have evolved in the past few years to create robust SEO practices for brands across industries. This is an important factor to remember during a new product launch. As the majority of the focus is on the product itself, brands tend to slip up in other areas, such as SEO practices and their website speed. However, it is important to realize that customers will search for the company online before they make a decision about the new product. SEO efforts at this time should be doubled to maximize visibility among the customer base.

Equip the customer service team

A new product launch is going to bring in questions from the customers. This is a crucial engagement that can either lead to sales or eliminate the customers. Brands need to maximize engagement by offering multiple contact options to customers. Instead of the traditional call and email options, instant solutions through a well-crafted FAQ section or a chatbot are important. In case of special queries, be sure to set up automated responses that assure customers of an answer within a specified timeframe.

Ramp up social media engagement

Social media is a great platform to engage customers before a product launch. Create interactive videos, and post fun quizzes or details about the product that keeps the customer interested to know more. Additionally, ensure that you create shareable content that helps keep the buzz going and encourages participation. Shared posts and likes are also a great way of boosting SEO ranking and improving visibility among other customers.

A tailored digital marketing strategy is a crucial element in supporting the success of a new product launch. A leading digital marketing agency will be able to identify and target prospective customers effectively for maximum adoption. Keep in mind that losing sight of the big picture amidst the chaos of a product launch could have a detrimental effect on the entire business and not just the new product.