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Get your brand noticed with these Instagram Reels hacks

Get your brand noticed with these Instagram Reels hacks

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

Social media marketing is a growing phenomenon globally for brands to engage with customers and boost awareness. The ease of connectivity and multi-media options available have made social media services a core aspect of every digital marketing strategy.

 With increasing competition, social media platforms have been coming up with creative ways for brands to advertise their products and stand out from the overwhelming business’s presence. One such experience is Instagram Reels.

These are short videos that allow brands to share everything from product details, company insights, and fun moments to consumer testimonials. Here, we bring you effective hacks to make use of this latest phenomenon to get your brand the attention it needs.

Instagram downloads in India increased from 7 million downloads in the 30 days prior to the launch of Instagram Reels to 7.8 million downloads after the launch (an increase in Instagram downloads of 11.4%).

 Know your IG style

Reels are still relatively new and come with various features that help you formulate your brand’s style. Before making your reels, think about what you most want to highlight, who your potential audience is and the ‘voice’ of your brand. You can also look at popular reels or study tutorials to understand how to make them evocative and establish your brand’s presence.

The best part is that Reels allow you to modify and edit your reel before you publish it. You can also make use of fun features such as music and font style to further create your brand’s online persona.

Promote your products and services

Instagram advertising is the foremost concern of every brand and Digital marketing agency. These bite-sized videos are a great way to creatively showcase your products or services. Instead of long posts or images that may not capture enough information, focus on the content of your Reels. You can offer a 3D view of your product, showcase an example of your service being used, create a ‘how-to’ tutorial, and a lot more.

Reels are also a great way to demonstrate product use or demo an example of commonly asked questions which is a great engagement booster and relationship builder.

Instagram averages 100 million daily active users in India after the launch of Instagram Reels.

 Get Quirky

Leave the seriousness for the board meetings. Use IG Reels to let your hair down with audiences. Remember, not every reel has to be about your grand. It can also be about the key members of the brand. Based on your brand’s personality, create fun and quirky reels. These can be anything from funny office moments, a spoof or any creative situation that audiences can identify with. You can also share early moments of your brand’s growth, industry tips and a lot more in your personal style.

Give the viewers a sneak peek

Customers love going beyond the product to connect with the brand itself. These days, purchases are made not just based on a product’s features, but the brand’s values as well. For example, if your brand is vegan-friendly or your key management personnel is involved in eco-friendly practices, highlight these. You can also create a tips reel to educate customers on how to adopt such practices, boosting engagement, and relatability.

Everything from a fun reel showcasing moments of a casual Friday to a tour of the factory processes is likely to get your customers interested in your brand.

Leverage customer testimonials and engagement

Reels are a great way to acknowledge your customers as well. In case any challenge, post, or quiz got you good results, put them in a reel. Not only will this acknowledge the people the participated and build a relationship with them, but it can also help establish social proof and credibility for new audiences as well. Highlighting positive reviews and testimonials can also work wonders here.

When it comes to Reels, there is no one set formula. This relatively new and highly-popular video service works because it allows for innovative creativity. Identify your brand’s style and start recording your first video – you can delete it and try again till you’re ready! For more help or guidance on how to boost your digital strategies, be sure to connect with a leading social media marketing agency today.