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How To Create Your Post Lockdown Marketing Plan

How To Create Your Post Lockdown Marketing Plan

Currently, almost all the businesses are going through the difficult lockdown phase due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it has become very tough for anyone to predict the definite ways in which the business and also life will change over the upcoming month.

This is specifically because the country tries to return to normal. Also, it becomes integral for online retailers to have proper planning ahead in terms of marketing as well as sales.

Some of the tough decisions have been made globally by all the businesses due to the coronavirus. It can be either temporary closing of the business, finding new ways to work, or moving of the operations online.

Businesses are impacted greatly as the economy is affected due to COVID-19. Several grocery stores are specifically left with empty shelves whereas, restaurants have become like ghost towns.

So, at this time, it is considered to be a unique opportunity for the brands to unite together. Also, social media can be very powerful in case, it is done correctly. Businesses should continue its operation in an online space that they not have done previously.

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Likewise, some of the important considerations are needed to be taken while planning how online marketing will be very helpful for your business to recover the post lockdown situation.

1. E-Commerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing

After the end of this crisis, the eCommerce sector will likely emerge. A lot of the businesses are dealing with the immediate term specifically from the standpoint of the operation.

Not only that, but it will also be much beneficial for creating long term actions. This will be prepared you in a much better way for any sorts of post lockdown changes.

The specific way in which you choose to conduct your marketing after the lockdown period will be completely based on your business as well as its goals. Not only that, but it will also depend on the customers along with their buying behavior.

Another thing which is very integral to consider in this regard is to necessarily start planning about the things which you can control and how you can plan for the future.
Gradually, you will have a marketing plan which will help your business to be back on track. This will also help the business to thrive in the long term.

For example, Amazon’s India business, as an effect COVID-19, is operating at less than 10% of its gross merchandise value.

In this aspect, Snapdeal said that it received 75% of the orders for non-essential items for different orange and green zones specifically across the country. So, they are planning something best as a part of their marketing strategy to recover the impacts of COVID-19.

Many of the retailers who are dealing with essential goals have seen a boom in their business specifically in the current phase. Currently, the companies are considering healthcare facilities because people are involved in regular monitoring of their families’ health.

As a result, these particular businesses possess higher customer engagement. Not only that, the online food delivery platforms such as Zomato as well as Swiggy, have focused on the introduction of contactless deliveries. This contributes to alleviating heightened apprehensions that are related to hygiene existing currently.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation

This thing has a huge impact on digital marketing in many different ways. Also, several online businesses have been benefitted from more people being online whereas, some other businesses have suffered a lot due to the lockdown.

So, in case, you want your SEO strategy to be successful, then all that you need is to look ahead in this aspect. In the post lockdown period, your main focus will be on pushing the SEO of your website and as a result, the performance of your website will be back to normal in a short amount of time.

Every website should possess a page regarding the COVID-19. This is considered to be very important in case you are having an essential business or your business is greatly impacted by COVID-19.
Some traffic loss can also be sustained by the creation of a dedicated page which helps to capture all the important coronavirus traffic.

As a result, you do not possibly have to update the people about the ongoings related to the coronavirus but rather, you need to focus more on exactly what your company is doing.

For example, a COVID-19 page was created by FootJoy which provides important details on how a portion of their sales will specifically go towards the relief efforts.

People will trust in your brand by having a specific page on what you are exactly doing. In this regard, Nike informed people about their store closures and where they can purchase your product specifically only. This helps to improve their sales.

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3. Social Media Marketing And Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing And Content Marketing

Even during the tough times of life, people consider making use of their social media accounts. Also, at this lockdown as well as post-lockdown phase, the social media will be specifically one of the most important communication forms.

This is the reason, one should pay more attention to social media marketing after the lockdown is over. In this aspect, an important role is also played by content marketing. Content is always considered to be the key. The creation of the best content will grab the attention of the customers.

They will take notice of the engaging and useful content which you may share on the social media platforms. This will pay attention and remember your name in case they have never used your services before.
Your plan should be making it authentic and keep the content real. Also, your focus should be on putting your audience first.

Therefore, it becomes important for the organizations to have an understanding of the local impact which this global pandemic has specifically on the stakeholders. This will help the firm so that, they can become empathetic with the employee’s needs.

In this regard, also the search data of Google reveals insights on many best practices which the brands do to help at the time of COVID-19 pandemic. One of the best practice which the companies should follow as their post lockdown marketing plan is to address the concerns of the customer.

For example, Cottonelle contributes to deliver a specific message which helps to ease the consumer’s concerns with the rampant toilet paper hoarding across the world.

This thing helps to ease the consumer’s concerns and also discourage people from panic buying and hoarding. Also, the people were encouraged by the company to “Stock up on generosity” and contributes to launch a charity campaign known as #ShareASquare.

Another integral post lockdown marketing plan, which the companies are focusing on is to pivot towards a specific solution.

For example, Ford, being a global brand has been around for more than a century. In this aspect, Ford contributes to acknowledging the gravity of the global health crisis. They also explained the specific way in which the company had weathered its share in this difficult situation.

To share their resilient culture, the Ford Credit payment relief program was introduced by the ad for its consumers.
Another important example of it can be seen in the case of Walgreens as they are involved in providing health care aid.

The specific company is focusing to help their consumers by answering the question which is related to the COVID-19 with their informative video named “Ask a Pharmacist”. In this regard, they also started a drive-thru testing initiative specifically for the 1st responders.

Final Words
So, after the lockdown period will be over, one should focus on creating a plan about the resurgence in both sales and also traffic at that period. In case, you want to make big changes in terms of operations, then, you should be ready for starting up your marketing again.