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Increase your site visits without paying for traffic

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Nowadays, there is an emergence of several ways to increase the visits to your site without paying for traffic. These are mainly considered to be the free ways to drive traffic to your website i.e. more people are interested in your business and so, they are likely to become customers. Here are discussed some of the best freeways which can efficiently drive traffic to your website.

Why more website traffic?

Website traffic is generally considered to be an important indicator and also a driver of business growth. It can preferably help you to improve the search engine credibility and also improve your SEO.

Free traffic vs. quality traffic

Your rank can be greatly improved with the help of traffic to your website which in turn generates more and more traffic. But, it is also true that the gradual increase in traffic is related to the increase in engagement. You are not preferably bringing the right traffic in case your traffic is increasing but your conversion rates are decreasing.

A large number of ways are present which helps to optimize your website for conversion like by including calls to action and also leading capture forms in the right places. It can also be done by providing the right kind of information to the visitors.

But, the first step is to preferably attract the right visitors to your site in the first place. When it comes to website traffic, the main goal is to drive more qualified visitors to the site. It includes the persons who are likely to convert into customers and also leads.

Channels that are involved in driving quality Traffic to your website

Several channels are there which are involved in generating free and also high-quality website traffic to your website. Along with that, there is also the existence of a mix of channels which work together for the purpose of driving visitors.

Some require money, some require time and the others require efforts. Some of the channels and also strategies that are involved in driving traffic to your website include:

  • Online directory listings
  • Off-page SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Online ads
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Blogging

Free ways to increase eccommerce traffic from google

  1. Create A Free Google My Business Listing

It is a very interesting fact that an optimized Google My Business listing generally gets 7x more visits than an incomplete one. So, you should necessarily list links to your website which is a great way to get more traffic to your website.

  1. Post To Social Media
  2. Build Backlinks
  3. Include Hashtags In Your Post

So, website traffic mainly helps to gather insights about your audience in order to make decisions. Also, it helps to get more customers, increase conversions and generate more leads. Thereby, it helps to see the way in which your marketing is working. But, generally, achievements of these benefits requires driving of the traffic to your website in the right way.