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Influencer Marketing- The New Currency

influencer marketing the new currency

Influencer marketing these days is generally known to to be the new currency. Many of the experts are also saying that the golden age of influencer marketing is yet to come.

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This is mainly considered to be an age when the traditional media channels have lost their power for the purpose of capturing attention. In this regard, also the marketing professionals are forced to adapt. Also, these days, most of the brands are spending a lot of money for an influencer as a campaign on Instagram.

Influencer Marketing Is A Relatively New Industry

The field of influencer marketing is currently growing. Right now, it is generally reached to an incredibly well-established position. Also, it will continue to grow in terms of popularity in the coming years. It will specifically become a more purposeful, a deeper and also more effective way for most of the brands to engage audiences on the social media channels.

In such a world, whether the role played by the brands is important, human connection has generally become the key consumer currency.

In this regard, relatable, real and also reaction evoking storytelling is mostly on the rise. So, the most successful partnerships with the influences will generally be approached with the help of social storytelling but not as sponsored content.

So, most of the brands will try to engage with the influencers on a long term basis. The influencers are also empowered by the long term partnerships in order to tell in-depth stories which will again ultimately drive the consumers through the overall purchase journey.

Lastly, we also generally expect to see new faces which emerge on the influencer scene with the representation which plays a very important role. The largest following are not always those which have the most influential voices.

Many of the individuals also turned to social media because they did not see their stories mainly reflected in the mainstream media which have incredible power.

How Has New Technology Changed The Industry?

In recent days, there is a constant evolution in social media platforms. It helps to both meet and also create the demands of the customers. There is also a gradual advancement in technology most notably in the ever-evolving smartphone. This has probably changed the consumption and also content creation forever.

Along with that, there is the evolution of pixel, aperture and also sensor size which will again continually empower the new generation of the self-made photographers and also content creators. So, the outcome will be an influx of influences as a result.

In regard to the consumption, Instagram will preferably continue to lead those platforms which are packed with advances that help to cement its leadership as the channel of choice. Most recently, innovation such as these will continue to draw the consumers further into what will become a one-stop shop for the consumption, communication and also content.