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Marketing Platforms To Boost Your Brands Online

Digital MarketingSince many years, social media platforms have been used for digital marketing. This is the main reason why influencer marketing has gained popularity in the business world. Instead of spending money on media to promote services or products, companies are now splurging on social media profiles. This actually helps in creating a buzz for the brand along with online reputation management. So, if you are keen on connecting with consumers organically, then you should go definitely go through the platforms listed below.


Recognized as Asia’s leading bloggers’ website, Blogmint is always on the lookout for content writers who are able to draft blogs pertaining to the brand. Since Blogmint is one of the oldest companies, an individual can always be among the huge network of bloggers. The platform helps writers to connect with reputed brands which are nothing but social media influencers and are striving to promote products online or through various advertising channels. The user can also learn more from the trending campaigns once they sign in to the social media account.


Skream is a Bengaluru-based startup which works towards connecting consumers, brands, marketers and influencers. Much more than being an online platform, the startup manages an influencer app which offers an opportunity to create campaigns and facilitates influencers to share them on a number of social circles. Through the years, the company paves ahead with an objective of providing a huge network for its end-users.

Pulp Key:

Pulp Key is an automated platform which helps in creating campaigns. While the campaign is easily manageable by users, authentic analytics helps in measuring the performance of campaigns. Best of all, Pulpkey is known for the involvement of more than 100,000 influencers. Apart from everything else, the company offers several packages so that the users can reach out to a diverse base of influencers. Once the user seeks the advice of an expert, he can manage the expenses the way it needs to be. Finally, brands would be happy to move with success as they collaborate with creators.

Social Beat:

Besides being a digital marketing company, Social Beat takes pride in offering SEO services, assistance for influencer marketing and managing social advertisements. In order to create the best content strategy, the firm works closely with bloggers so that brands can always dream big while they are promoting products. With paid campaigns, Social Beat works ways beyond in engaging customers on different websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Organizations are sure to expect high profitable returns once they opt for influencer marketing or digital marketing services.


Influencer.in is a portal which connects brands with the best digital influencers. Once users register, sign up and specify their requirements, an app guides them with everything they wish to accomplish. Regardless of the industrial segment, the app furnishes the user with contact details of influencers. A collaborative effort between the user and influencer helps in determining the way in which engagement has to move forward. With the website, companies can always enhance online visibility by scaling up SEO techniques.

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