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Search, Display, or Shopping: What Ads Does Your e-commerce Campaign Need?

Search, Display, or Shopping: What Ads Does Your e-commerce Campaign Need?

By the year 2021, worldwide retail e-commerce sales will reach $4.9 trillion.

When it comes to an e-commerce business, digital marketing campaigns are a regular occurrence. From promoting brand awareness to reaching new potential customers, advertising plays a huge role in supporting an e-commerce business.

E-commerce advertising refers to the content placed on various platforms by businesses with a specific goal in mind. This may be to generate brand awareness for a new entrant, introduce a new product or boost sales.

There are numerous ad types that organisations can opt for based on the goals and objectives of the campaign. To help you get started in the right direction and deliver maximum returns from your ads, connect with a leading PPC company in Mumbai.

Display ads

These ads are most commonly used to increase brand awareness and get audiences to notice you. They may appear as banner ads or even on landing pages. Brands make use of display ads on their website or popular audience locations in an attempt to grow awareness of the company or a particular product.

These ads while displayed, are different from search ads. Here, brands deploy analytical strategies to select the right locations to display their ads based on demographic data, past interest, consumer behaviour, geographical considerations etc.

The effectiveness of display ads depends primarily on their location. Along with popular websites, social media is also a great place to display ads for brand awareness. Popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have numerous algorithms in place that help identify consumer behaviour and can help you target the right people at the right time with your ad.

If you are displaying ads at places where your target audience is missing, it may be seen by many people but not by the right ones. To ensure you get the most from your investment, be sure to connect with a credible PPC company in Mumbai today.

In 2019, 30% of shoppers were open to buying products from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Search ads

These ads are the perfect way to get your product to the right audience. Here, brands tailor their ads in a way that is found based on a customer’s search. Keywords form an intrinsic part of determining a search ad’s content. By identifying and incorporating the keywords used by your target audience, you can create an ad that is visible at the right time leading to a possible sale.

SEO practices are very important to complement search ads. Everything from the relevance of the ad to the query to the landing page is measured by Google. If your ad does not result in a good user experience, Google is going to notice and lower your ad rating, also known as Quality Score.

Avoid using popular keywords if they are not relevant. This may bring traffic in the short term but is sure to backfire in the long run. Additionally, based on your industry, bidding for several keywords can be quite a costly affair. In such a case, pick the most popular keyword and focus on your ad content.

Thus, search ads require every aspect, from the right content to an easy-to-navigate website, and a great landing page to be successful.

Shopping ads

These ads are similar to search ads but come with one important distinction – instead of only text, brands can showcase their product images and details. This is an important feature for brands looking to introduce new products or boost conversions. By immediately displaying the product and certain important details such as price, shopping ads offer brands a huge advantage over their competitors.

The advantage of shopping ads is that often the audience already has the intent to buy when they are conducting a search. A shopping ad can help continue the momentum by showing the customer exactly what they are looking for and making it easier for them to complete their purchase.

Thus, e-commerce websites have numerous options when it comes to advertising. However, as these are typically paid ads, it is important to have clear goals and objectives defined before starting your campaign.

Additionally, it is always advisable to continue with SEO practices along with paid practices to give your brand sustainable and holistic growth. For more guidance on using the best advertisement to boost your e-commerce business without breaking the bank, be sure to consult a PPC agency in Mumbai.