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SEO trends that can help you rank better on Google in 2022

Initially, good SEO services or a higher ranking on Google meant getting the keywords right and stuffing them in blogs and every piece of content. However, with increasing competition and Google setting higher standards for brands, SEO trends have evolved over the years.

Now, a search does more than bring forth companies selling a particular brand, it brings you the possible solution that matches what you are looking for. If you are looking to outshine your competition and boost your Google ranking in 2022, these are the trends you need to get adopt now.

Long-form content is back in a huge way

While shorter videos and audio clips may be great digital marketing tools, long-form content wins by a mile when it comes to Google rankings and customer engagement. As per research, articles ranging from 2,000 to 3,500 words are ideal to hold customer engagement and impart valuable information.

The focus here is to go beyond keyword-stuffing and create valuable information that hooks your readers long enough to scroll through the entire content. To make it easier for readers, be sure to break up your content into smaller paragraphs and use headings wherever possible.

Page-load speed is now a do-or-die requirement

A primary ranking factor for Google is the speed with which your webpage loads once a user clicks on a link. Anything more than a few seconds and your ranking is going to dip low. A well-structured website is an SEO basic and a requirement that users have no patience for.

Everything from the content on your site to the relevant links and other elements needs to load promptly once a user engages with your site. If you find your website is lagging, be sure to instantly connect with an SEO company in the UK to get it rectified before Google decides to drop your rankings significantly.

Interactive experiences form better customer engagement

An SEO trend that is slowly but surely going to be big in 2022 is innovative interactive experiences n websites. These can include everything from creative videos, quizzes, or AI interaction to help customers have a better experience.

For a lot of smaller brands, going interactive may be difficult. One solution is to identify the most popular page or product and an interactive element here to better engage customers. A unique experience can not only be fun but memorable as well.

Give your old content a fresh boost

Often, companies are so busy creating new content that is relevant to current trends, they completely ignore past content. Keep in mind, users and Google can still access what you put out a few years ago.

Make sure to periodically revisit old content and optimize it for current relevance. Not only will this help keep your rankings better but will also build trust and credibility among your readers.

Website security is not an option

These days, brands ask a lot from their customers. Everything from personal details and preferences or financial details is shared online. Having a website that is not secure is a big mistake. Get your site on HTTPS which ensures all user data is encrypted. No user is going to put their bank details on an unsecured website and Google is going to penalize this ignorance with a lower ranking.

User experience takes precedence

Google’s recent algorithm rated user experience as a significant factor in determining ranking. These include metrics such as Bounce Rate, CTR (click-through rate), how long users stay on a page, and a lot more.

If you want Google to rank you higher, your SEO practices need to focus on creating a better experience for users every time they visit your site.

Mobile responsiveness is crucial

With millions using their smartphone to access the web, a non-mobile responsive website is good as dead. Everything from reading the news to purchasing a luxury item is done on the phone. Websites that are buggy or lag on mobiles are unlikely to get ranked. Google’s new algorithm pays careful attention to your site’s mobile responsiveness before deciding on a rank. If your website is slow or certain elements are not loading on the mobile, it is crucial to rectify it now.

SEO is constantly evolving but these aspects are going to determine where your business ranks on Google in 2022. If you need help adapting to any of these trends, reach out to one of the top SEO companies in India today.