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Social Media – The Changing Face Of News Updates

social-media-promotionSocial media has actually transformed the way individuals interact with each other. But, the impact is primarily observed in the way millennials are consuming news in the modern era.

With the use of the internet, the youth prefer reading news online rather than going through newspapers. Surprisingly, the time spent with a newspaper has decreased to half the percentage it was earlier. So, before you contact social media marketing companies in Mumbai, you should scroll head to know how publishers and social media platforms are changing the ways of consuming news.

  • The world’s leading professional networking site, LinkedIn has presently launched the Daily Rundown feature. This helps in keeping users updated with notifications pertaining to news stories. While the feature was exclusively included for the Indian market, users can simply go through a summary of happenings across the globe every day. In due course of time, LinkedIn would be working towards customizing the feature according to the preferences of professionals working in India.
  • The Qatar-based broadcaster, Al-Jazeera, has taken the initiative to provide news updates on Instagram. This happened soon after Snapchat decided to block ‘Discover’ services in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. With an objective of offering content to the Arab youth, winning over Instagram is a part of a digital transformation strategy. Presently, Al-Jazeera has over one million followers simply due to content on Instagram.
  • Over a period of time, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has started using private mobile messaging apps for reaching out to the audience in India. These apps were designed for effective engagement in general elections held in the year 2014. Apart from pushing audio bulletins through Blackberry Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat, the broadcaster used to send updates within time intervals. Way back in 2013, BBC had used WhatsApp for the first time. The purpose was to notify people about Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
  • Much earlier in the year 2017, the most popular news channel, CNN (Cable News Network) was recognized to launch a show by the name, ‘The Update’. While the show was meant for Snapchat users, it was telecasted at 6 pm in the evening for almost five minutes. The aim was just to broadcast stories from reporters working worldwide. Depending on the time zones, the coverage from CNN’s reporters and news correspondents usually gets published for different countries on a daily basis. Each show features around five stories captures from different regions of the world. It’s because of this CNN became popular as the source for the latest headlines and breaking news.

On a concluding note, an individual can always predict effective ways of gathering news no matter what the source might be. The potential of social media would soon be realized as publishers and news channels continually strive to present news to people across the globe. But, that won’t affect the habit of reading newspapers that households receive every morning. This is evident because the Indian newspaper industry continues to grow day after day.

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