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The Ultimate Guide To Google Ads For 2020

The Ultimate Guide To Google Ads For 2020
The Ultimate Guide To Google Ads For 2020

Nowadays, it is very important to learn PPC terms, bidding strategies along with the best practices in order to create effective advertisements on Google Ads. So, the below section provides you the ultimate guide to Google Ads for the year 2020. Here are also given some of the effective Google Ads Strategy which can also be followed this year.

What Exactly Is Google Ads?

These days, you can possibly generate more clicks with the help of stronger and also more focused paid campaigns. Thereby, it leads to a greater probability of obtaining new customers. So, this is considered the main reason why Google Ads has become increasingly popular among businesses.

Basically, Google Ads is considered to be a paid advertising platform that falls under a marketing channel called PPC or pay per click where the advertiser pays per click or per impression (CPM) on an ad. There are many types of Google ads among which Google Search ads and Google Display ads are the most popular.

More Information Regarding This

Google Ads is known to be an effective way in which you can drive qualified traffic or good fit customers to your business. This applies when they are searching for specific services and products like the ones you offer.

As a result, with the help of Google Ads, it is possible for you to boost the traffic of your website and thereby receiving more phone calls. This helps to increase your in-store visits.

Not only that, Google Ads specifically allows you to create and share well-timed ads among your target audience.

So, it means that your business will mostly show up on the SERP or search engine results page at the moment your ideal customers are looking for specific services and products like yours via Google Maps or Google Search. In this way, it is possible for you to reach the target audience.

Note: Ads from the platform can possibly span across other channels like Blogger, YouTube and also Google Display Network.

Over time, Google Ads will again help you to perfectly analyze and also improve those particular ads so, that your business can hit almost all of your paid campaign goals.

Does Google Ads Work?

In this regard, it is very important for you to consider a few statistics. The click-through rate of Google Ads is nearly 8 percent. On the other hand, about 180 million impressions are yield by display ads each month. Specifically, the paid ads on Google get about 65% of the clicks for the users who are ready to buy.

Also, there are about 43% of the customers who buy something that they have seen on a YouTube ad. So, it is true that Google Ads work. As a result, you can possibly create a high ROI marketing campaign with an optimized ad campaign and lead flow.

Final Words

So, the best companies who are involved in providing Google Ads Services in Mumbai should essentially consider these important Google Ads Tips for 2020.