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Top 10 Digital Marketing Techniques

top 10 digital marketing techniquesIf you’re looking for promoting your brand online, then you can’t do away with digital marketing. Scroll ahead to know more about digital marketing techniques and race ahead for accomplishing more.

Trends with content marketing: 

Since the past three years, content marketing has always been at the top when a marketing strategy is taken into consideration. Since 40% of business owners prefer using such a kind of strategic approach, the trend would prevail in the forthcoming years. The marketing team can also foresee a focus on returns as they invest in measuring content marketing on the whole. Practically, it was observed that personalization tools and interactive marketing apps do recommend posting unique content online.

Big Data:

With the passage of time, Big Data would continue to be a key trend for those who are seeking to boost sales either through email marketing or a personalized website. It was also found that Big Data is associated with machine learning. This helped to identify consumer behavior and incorporate a change when world-class services have to be delivered. Primarily, Big Data comprises of data volume, data velocity, and data variety.

Marketing Automation:

Just like content marketing, automation related to marketing efforts has always grabbed the topmost position for the last 5 years. Questions like ‘How to achieve the next level?’ or ‘How to start off’ have already been answered as the automation toolkit offers a solution. Basically, several features are being used by companies but there’s a necessity to optimize everything that’s planned for the future. As the business flourishes, entrepreneurs can always think about making the journey phenomenal by showcasing content through predictive analysis. You can seek assistance of a digital marketing agency in Mumbai to contribute towards lead generation.

Mobile Marketing:

With people using smartphones most of the time, companies have adopted a responsive website design and email templates. However, since the conversion rate is lower on smartphones, optimization is something that needs to be worked upon. The mobile design approach is thought about when the load time has to be reduced. Besides, the trend helps for serving with contextual content and ‘Call to Action’ for mobile phone users.

Social CRM & Customer Care:

Social media marketing is what marketers usually love. This is because the tactic offers plenty of options to engage several customers and cater to their requirements. As per the research, usage of Twitter and Facebook is declining in the western market while Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are becoming much more popular. In order to create the difference and the impact, business owners are willing to pay for winning in the competitive world.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

While Conversion Rate Optimization (CTO) is sure to transform the online experience, some ventures are missing out on a data-driven approach to generate number of leads. According to statistical data presented by a multichannel retailer, only one-third of competitors are moving ahead with structured tests. Nevertheless, the percentage would be increasing soon.

Internet of Things (IoT) marketing apps:

By 2020, you can expect as much as 75 billion connected devices. This means that the team would have to design apps that can promote services on different devices. Sharing of information along with digital content would transform the lifestyle led by many individuals. High ROI can be anticipated through mobile app development.

Search Engine Optimization:

With the usage of smartphones on the rise, SEO techniques have to be implemented for mobile marketing. Since 2016, there has been a drastic increase in AMP smartphone traffic. While the prime focus rests towards publishers, AMPs should be considered with a regularly updated blog section.


Nowadays, people stay trendy with wearable technology. These include smartwatches and activity trackers. So, it’s important to develop websites that can adapt to different cell phones. Furthermore, augmented reality would enhance the ways of digital marketing with an aim to deliver the best online experience.

Account Based Marketing (ABM):

If you are playing a role of a B2B marketer, then account-based marketing would exist years ahead. This is a strategic approach which concentrates on marketing services on a defined set of accounts. There’s always a better chance to personalize campaigns for resonating with every account.

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