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Using Virtual Tools to Engage Your Clients

using virtual tools to engage your clients

First of all, there are many ways to create engagement with all of the tools we have available today but here are my favorites. Nothing beats in-person for connection, but much can be done virtually with the right approach.

Great Use Cases and Tools

 1) 1-to-1 video

Using a tool like Loom – Loom is a program expansion and you can do a moment video or screen catch and insert a connection in an email – I call this 1 to 1 video since it’s an incredible method to customize a video or survey a report. I have customers who hotshot plans, share a web architecture, feature a pattern in Google investigation, offer setting to spreadsheet information, do a site survey, and all way of making proper acquaintance in the closest to the home way that is available. Probably the best part of Loom is that once you hit stop it delivers a connection that you can reorder into an email. As a rule, the beneficiary can see the video directly in their email.

2) Video meetings and webinars

Using a tool like Zoom – This is our present video meeting and online class foundation of the decision – We utilize this for bigger online classes, gathering or group gatherings, and one on one live gatherings with customers. Zoom is extremely lightweight from a client’s point of view, which means essentially any individual who realizes how to tap on a connection can get associated with your gathering. You can record the calls, individuals can join by means of PC or telephone, there’s a portable application, and you have bunches of instruments, for example, screen sharing and explanation during the call.

You could even consider this as a local alternative to say a networking or referral group that you already belong to but want to take to a virtual space. These kinds of meetups could help you stay connected while staying in the office.

3) Live Streaming

Using a tool such as Stream Yard – This is our current live spilling device as it’s truly reasonable and you can stream to numerous stages simultaneously Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and so on. Many individuals utilize live spilling in cliche ways, que up the destroyed strolling the walkway or driving in the vehicle, however, live streams can be a viable method to get a short message over. As in everything identified with conveying a message, the best live streams incorporate stories. Stream Yard likewise considers some decent marking on-screen while you are communicating and naturally records the video.

 Tips to take it up a notch

While the right tools make virtual you available, there are some things to keep in mind if you wish to take full advantage of this approach.

1) Sound is important

While you can technically get your message across using your earbuds if you want to impress get a podcasting mic such as Blue Yeti.

2) Upgrade your camera

Most modern laptops come with a camera but taking it up just a bit too something like a Logitech C922x will allow you to have wider shots, better focus, and far better light absorption. Okay, I don’t really know anything about light absorption, but I know you’ll look better.

3) Lighting makes a difference

Get some LED lights or you’ll look like you’re in the spare bedroom in the basement. If you can natural light through a window on your face is the best (no lights or window behind you or all we will see is glare)

4) Try different formats

Online, virtual training differs from traditional in-person interaction mostly due to the fact that it’s harder to stay focused online. Meaning you should keep everything shorter and break it up into chunks. Do a 30-minute webinar instead of an hour. If you want to do something much longer you’ll have to think of a structure that gives people a break.

5) Get rid of distractions

If you work at home or in a busy office, your experience probably won’t shout the expert message you need to pass on. Makes basic spring up foundations that you can put behind you whenever you have a video call or webinar. You can have any design printed on the backdrop, and it’s easy to assemble and disassemble on the go.