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Why instagram contests are useful for social media marketing


Successful digital marketing professionals actually know how social media platforms can drive personal marketing ahead. Among many different strategies, contests have always served to engage customers, and build loyalty. So, as you scroll ahead, you can come across ways to run an Instagram contest in the best possible way. Much before that, you can always know the benefits of including contests while your team finalizes a digital marketing strategy.

Increases number of followers: 

Increases number of followers:

Effective engagement: 

Apart from increasing the list of followers, contests also create brand awareness. This is evident when every participant gets recognized through the UGC  promotion contests. Moreover, it always stirred up the excitement to know what the firm is proud to offer.

Generate Leads: 

As you request the visitor to hit the ‘like’ option, nobody hesitates to share their contact details. This helps in generating a database of prospects which could be used for sending newsletters and offers through an email. But, when you take this step, just be sure that you never fall back on your promises. The organization should be ready to offer everything based on the requirements.

Enhance awareness:

Once you are managing a successful contest, the Instagram followers would be happy to spread more about your services. So, in order to rule the market, you should insist the marketing team come with a plan that would facilitate promotions on numerous online channels.

Now, here’s an overview how you can run the contest.

  • While you think creatively, you should ask the followers to like the social media post. A step ahead, you can even give them a chance to tag friends so that they can earn privilege points. Since efforts won’t be reflected through such a kind of approach, the followers might tend to overlook the posts and view something else. But, the major con is that you can reach out to many individuals who prefer using Instagram.
  • Hashtag contests are yet another way to showcase what your team loves to do. These are nothing but UGC contests which asks participants to share content with some or the other hashtag. Over a period of time, this helps to know more about the brand. On the other hand, hashtags increase the chances for custom searches when specific entries are considered from your end. But, the downside is that users might not find it easy to involve themselves in activities. If the instructions are not easy to understand, then the activity might be perceived as an arduous task altogether.

To conclude, you would never go wrong in selecting Instagram for social media marketing. With a base of over millions of users, a successful marketing campaign on Instagram can always make it possible to leap ahead with business growth.

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