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Be prepared for 2022 with the latest web design

Best web design trends to stay relevant in 2022

38.5% of web designers believe that outdated design is a top reason why visitors leave a website.

Since the past few years, online businesses have been on the rise. However, the recent pandemic witnessed every business, big or small, turn to the Internet overnight. With so many websites available for customers, an engaging yet informative web design has become crucial.

The website has almost become like the first introduction to a brand as compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar store. With everyone scurrying for online visibility and Google making introducing its Page Experience update, web design trends are seeing a massive shift. For a trendy and high-functioning website, connect with a top website development company in Mumbai.

Here, we bring you the top web design trends of 2022 to ensure you stay relevant for your prospective customers.

Minimalist designs

For the new web design trends, less is certainly more! Leaving sufficient white space between content is crucial. A lot of websites are moving away from mindless pop-ups and flashing content which is far more distracting than useful to customers.
Well-arranged and minimal content is the way to go. Instead of putting everything on your home page, offer clearly marked tabs and links for customers to click if they want to know more about a particular section.

Softer colours and tones

After the pandemic, a lot of people are preferring soft and neutral tones in colours. Colours inspired by nature are among the most preferred while strong contrasting tones are taking a step back.
If you want customers to stay on your page long enough to explore the products, you’ll do best by using soft colours that do not strain the eyes. Bright and flashy images can trigger headaches and be distracting enough for people to leave the page.
Another trend that is on the rise is using gradients. This allows websites to add some character while keeping it simple. It also enables brands to create a unique and distinguishable website look which is important.

Illustrations and multimedia

Creative content in the form of multimedia works far better in holding customers’ attention than long drawn-out text. Websites are moving to short videos and creative texts to disseminate large amounts of valuable information in a short time.
Another trend that is on the rise is that of cartoon illustration and handmade drawings. Not only do these add a quirky and fun element, they also add a personal touch to your web design. Further, certain videos and images may be quite heavy, making them tough to load.
This can compromise navigation in poor network coverage areas and impact load speed. Illustrations often have a smaller size and load far more easily making them a preferred choice for several websites.

Page loading speed optimization

These days no customer wants to wait more than a couple of seconds for a page to load. If your website is inundated with heavy images or poor technical setup which makes it slow to load, chances are customers are moving on to another website.
Additionally, Google’s new Page Experience update clearly lists speed as a determinant factor for ranking. New web design trends are likely to opt for clean and simple designs that are quick to load. The focus here is less on only what the brand wants to show and more on what constitutes a good user experience. If you notice any of your web pages lagging, connect with the best website development company in India and give your website a trendy look.

Interactive web designs

The underlying component of every new web design is geared towards keeping the customer interested for longer. Interactive web designs help engage the customer and keep them on the website long enough to explore what is offered.
Some web designs also take the interactive element further by allowing customers to choose backgrounds and colours as they navigate the site. Not only does this enhance user greatly but also creates a unique web design for the brand.

Large font titles

Along with minimalistic content, several websites are using larger fonts for important titles and headings. This allows users to instantly read the important messages on their screen and then browse further on the topics that interest them.
Keeping all text in a small font is no longer viable with attention spans coming down to seconds. Using different fonts also offer breaks in the content without adding heavy images or colours.

A good web design is crucial for every business, be it a start-up or an established business. With these tips, your website is sure to rank higher on Google and engage customers better.