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How To Optimise Text To HTML Ratio For Your Website

how to optimise text to html ratio of your websiteNow, let’s discuss the importance of this text ratio as well as the best way in which one can make use of this. So, it becomes very important to know the way of optimizing this Text to HTML ratio of your particular website.

What Is Text To HTML Ratio?

It is mainly the HTML code in which your page is written. Along with that, the content is mainly displayed in the form of text. So, this text to HTML ratio is known to the correlation percentage of the actual text content which is present on a certain web page.

How Is The Calculation Of Text/HTML Ratio Done?

Just by have a close look at the amount of text that is mainly displayed on your page as well as its certain HTML code, it is possible for you to manually check it. So, mainly, the ratio checkers extract anchor text from the code as well as particular text from paragraphs. After that, this content ratio is calculated on these particular patterns. Then, it reaches to an x% vs. y% ratio.

How Does Google Make Use Of This Particular Metric?

The presence of a low text to HTML ratio will not generally send any negative signal to Google or other search engines. But, it reflects the presence of certain issues in your site.

Here are given some of the important reasons why it becomes very important to improve this.

  • This metric is mainly used by Google to view your page’s actual relevancy. But, the low ratio may create some confusion for the crawlers as they would not possess much data about a certain web page.
  • This particular ratio may again be the sign of an HTML heavy page that can alter the loading speed along with the user experience.

What Is The Best Way To Fix Low Code To Text Ratio?

One of the best ways in which you can address this particular issue is to specifically consider the removal of certain elements from the code which are not necessary. Other errors are again properly repaired by this.

  • Your HTML code should be valid and so; this can be easily checked by making use of the best online tools.
  1. Loading speed is again known to be a good way which helps to check the efficiency of your code. In case your site load much slowly then, this will indicate that you possess most of the HTML elements. So, you should always focus on increasing the overall speed of your site.
  • There are many elements like JavaScript, Flash, tables, large white spaces and also too many comments as well as tabs which can preferably increase the code amount that you have on your particular web pages.
  • It is very important to keep the size of your page minimal. So, it is required to be kept under 300 kb.

Final Words

Most of the search engine experts rarely mention the particular term i.e. Text to HTML ratio. It can specifically affect user experience but it does not possess any great threat in terms of SEO.