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How Matrix Bricks Helped an ERP Solution Company in Generating High Quality B2B Leads

how matrix bricks helped an erp solution company in generating high quality b2b leads

About Client

QAD Inc. is a software company that provides enterprise resource planning software and related enterprise software to manufacturing companies was previously driving conversions via its India website through direct traffic and brand awareness but failed to capture new customers through PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads. This client came onboard with Matrix Bricks looking to generate leads through paid traffic to quickly increase revenue and lead volume for Indian market.

With offices in the UK, US & 17 other countries, the company has well-known corporate and mid-size clients.


When starting the campaign, our various obstacles included  high-CPC keywords, low-quality traffic and a limited ad budget. The client wanted to target different geographical locations, in India, with a small budget. Our primary challenge was effectively managing the budget, which was quickly depleted before we could gather accurate data on what was working and what wasn’t. This made it tricky to optimize the account and meant we had to wait before making informed decisions; making these too quickly could have resulted in short-term success but long-term failure.


To meet our objective and attract a greater number of qualified website visitors (visitors who were likely to require an effective ERP service and become clients), we had to develop a strategy that put the right content in front of the right user and convinced them to take action.

Our first step, after conducting a thorough site review, was to help the client design a new landing page layout that provided more room for copy above the fold, and improve the contact forms and make the call-to-action messaging more visible across the website.

Our second step, after making changes to optimize the landing page for conversions, was to go through keywords the client had already gathered and analyse their performance to ensure we were attracting qualified traffic for a healthy cost per click (CPC). We also expanded the search queries to increase the conversion volume. This was a long-term solution — as we knew not all keywords were likely to convert

— that would require us to gather data to see which keywords were the most profitable.

We also turned our attention to wider strategies that could help signal the client’s authority to potential clients. This included Google Display Marketing & Social Media Marketing, which has a much larger audience reach compared to the default keyword research model.


Using  Social Media, Display and  Search Marketing, we increased brand awareness, with impressions (the number of times the ads were seen) increasing by 63.51% from 482,776 to 789,371 when comparing the period from January 19 – May 19 to June 19 – October 19. In the same period, we also reduced the cost per lead submission by 50.96%.

Social Media & Display Marketing was the highest contributor to the lead  submission  form increase, as  it visually conveyed the benefits of the business and the impact it makes to other businesses.