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How Matrix Bricks helped PUR India to build a better Brand Image on Social Media

how matrix bricks helped pur india to build a better brand image on social media


PUR was started in the year 1985 on the back of a pioneering feat in developing silicone nipples by the liquid silicone injection process in collaboration with Bayer of Germany. Since then it has continuously innovated simple, safe and comfortable products for babies that are loved and trusted by mothers around the world.

PUR support mothers around the world with feeding products and accessories for babies that are simply the best.

PUR develop and manufacture their products in their own manufacturing facility with best possible precision in order to deliver simple and safe products to mothers for ultimate comfort of babies. The joy and happiness of mother and baby is their passion and they always pursue this goal relentlessly. PUR value safety and comfort of babies as their responsibility towards mother and baby community worldwide.

Key Challenges

  • Weak Brand Awareness
  • Poor Online Reputation
  • Nonexistent Connection with Customers
  • Slow Sales

How did Matrix Bricks come up with a solution?

Matrix Bricks, one of the top agencies in the field of digital marketing has consistently proved that strength lies in delivering solutions that exceeds the expectations of the client. With an objective to maintain these standards. After a brief discussion with the client & understanding their vision, our team was able to come up with some reasoning that built a bridge for the client in understanding the strength of social media marketing activities performed at Matrix Bricks Infotech:

One of the key factors towards the success of any business these days, especially those in the ecommerce industry, is of course social media. And after being in the industry for years, this brand has certainly learned this.

The brand has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. They have 21klikes on their Facebook page & 5.4k followers on Instagram.

Since Facebook & Instagram are the main social media platform, it is where they have their highest engagement rate. They often hold frequent contests here and post consistently. They don’t very often repost from other bloggers on their Facebook page.

In order to truly make their presence felt on the social media platform,the brand has adopted a few strategies, like making use of certain campaigns like #ItsAMomsWorld along with offers and other contest posts. Their signature hashtag revolves around mothers dressing up, posing with ‘cool props’ and taking a picture with a ‘Super Mom’ at any one of their stores. By uploading this picture on Facebook along with the hashtag #ItsAMomsWorld, they stand a chance of winning free shopping worth Rs 1,00,000.



Community building is key for baby product brands: creating better results by asking users to share their stories or creating contests for them.

Promoting the right form of posts is important; do your research on what and how much your competition and industry-leaders promote and apply to your own strategy.


Measure against industry and competitors: competitive analysis is central to finding out the best strategy for your industry.


Don’t ever measure your performance in isolation – the numbers just won’t be actionable. When you compare to a competitor, an industry benchmark or one of the best brands in the industry, you can evaluate both performance metrics and tactics to see what works best, what doesn’t, what to change and where to improve.



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