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Social Media Marketing’s impact on increasing the presence of a Tea Cafe start-up

social media marketings impact on increasing the presence of a tea cafe start up

With a vision of wanting to serve better in every possible way that leaves a mark on the market with their tea. Chai Dosti Amruttulya began with a dream to serve a cup of joy to each & every living soul instead of just tea with a passion to serve quality, but quantity.

Taking their first step towards fulfilling their dream in January 2020, Chai Dosti has surely proved that a dream of serving a cup of tea that leaves a memory of joy on people’s mind & hearts well if done right. In a mere time of 5 months they have successfully made a great impact with 4 new openings in the state of Gujarat & Maharashtra. Clearly making a statement among their competitors.


As a small tea shop, use of social media did not seem like a significant contributor to the success of their business. The customers stop by their store and have a cup of tea because it’s local, convenient, social and of good quality. So why should they use social media to sell more tea?

How did Matrix Bricks come up with a solution

Matrix Bricks, one of the top agencies in the field of digital marketing has consistently proved that strength lies in delivering solutions that exceeds the expectations of the client. With an objective to maintain these standards.

After a brief discussion with the client & understanding their vision, our team was able to come up with some reasoning that built a bridge for the client in understanding the strength of social media marketing activities performed at Matrix Bricks Infotech:

Firstly, food services as most other industries experience a high growth of renowned brands and chain-stores that eats up independent tea shops. Most of these larger companies win customers because of consumer familiarity to their brand through a variety of location and high advertising budgets!

Secondly, you may think you have reached out to all potential local consumers, but the truth is that customers need incentives to come back and substitute their tea-maker at home or office with better alternatives like freshly brewed in-store tea. Competition is everywhere, and quality of product and environment alone cannot expand your consumer segment.

So how can social media for tea shops help tackle these problems?

By virtually connecting everybody to a social network, there is an incredible potential for the spread of your product and brand. Engagement with clients outside your store is difficult as a coffee shop because consumers don’t have that many reasons to connect online, unless you use incentives. Just being present online is not sufficient for anyone because everyone can be.

That’s why you need to implement the right tools to attract & engage customers to your network! Why not make it a social one? Interact with customers, spread ideas, advertise promotions & explain how they benefit from being connected to your network.

There is no doubt that social media generates sales for businesses. Over 50% of people are more willing to buy from a company once they become a fan or follower online.

Cafes and Restaurants should be using social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to grow their business, with little investment other than time. As social media is maturing, more websites and applications are being created that target the Cafe and Restaurant community.

The 3 main goals of social media for cafes were:

  • Engage with customers, create discussion
  • Increase/empower their “Brand Evangelists”
  • Increase their sales


ROI’s achieved by running social contests and promotions
  •  Increase in engagement with their audience
  • Reaching out to new customers through their own networks
  • Obtaining a deeper understanding of their audience
  • Differentiate their tea cafe from competitors and cut through the clutter of advertising
  • Increase in sales and traffic for their business


Doing Social Media Marketing raises the point that in some cases the image a cafe projects of itself online is not necessarily the same as what you would experience in person.

If you have to play dress up for your social media, you’re doing it wrong.

While there is a temptation to try to have perfect images to represent your business online to the world, it needs to be an accurate reflection of the business, otherwise if people do visit and it’s not up to the Instagram standard, it leads to disappointment and people are less likely to visit again.

A cafes presence on social media is supposed to reflect what your business is about, providing a channel for people to connect with the business, and not just show customers what comes out of your company.