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Use of Social Media Marketing to reach, understand & connect with your target audience

use of social media marketing to reach understand connect with your target audience


T-TRAXX is a brand of Indian company SILVERTOUCH. In the business since 1998,

T-TRAXX has become a premium brand of backpack under student portfolio. As their tagline – “This is a Trend” states, they believe in pioneering and setting a trend.

They have a wide collection of pencil pouch, shaving kit pouch, other multi-purpose and transparent pouch, school and college backpack, backpack with/without laptop holder, insulated lunch bag etc. of virgin, light-weight and colourful print material.

Key Challenges

The best businesses in any industry focus relentlessly on the ultimate driver of their success: the customer. The manufacturing industry has important channel partners-distributors, wholesalers, retailers-who are of course valued customers. But

the ultimate arbiter of their success is the customer, they call a consumer, because this is the person who decides whether their backpacks is worth the money in his or her product today. & whether it will still be worth the price tomorrow.

Understanding customers & thereby gaining their business depends largely, of course, on listening. Getting in touch with the consumers & getting their unfiltered opinion is the main problem that the company was facing. Hence it was important for them to find a way of doing what was require to overcome this problem.

How did Matrix Bricks come up with a solution

Matrix Bricks, one of the top agencies in the field of digital marketing has consistently proved that strength lies in delivering solutions that exceeds the expectations of the client. With an objective to maintain these standards.

After a brief discussion with the client & understanding their vision, our team was able to come up with some reasoning that built a bridge for the client in understanding the strength of social media marketing activities performed at Matrix Bricks Infotech:

Today’s B2B buyer is constantly surrounded by social media and is often just a click away from being able to connect with you or your business.

As a manufacturer, properly utilizing the right social channels to promote your brand and create connections with your audience (which is often so different from the traditional B2C audience) is key to success for modern manufacturers in the digital age.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by even the idea of social media marketing, but manufacturing companies must take a different approach to social media in an age where everyone is using social media (including your customers).

It’s easy to feel, as a manufacturer or heavily industrial business, that social media doesn’t matter to you, but even in the industrial world, social media marketing can be a powerful tool that can drive results.

  • Platforms to Consider
  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Being as consistent as possible
  • Include a link to their website along with the content!
  • Identifying the right audience & come up with a gameplan to get their attention


Matrix Bricks have been implementing Social Media Marketing for T-Traxx for about four years. Our main reason and objective for implementing the SMM strategy are the consideration that it helps achieving brand awareness and increasing brand reputation, gaining new followers and people who are interested in the brand, and to be nearer to the younger target market. Other than those reasons, We aim at maximizing the reach of their target market and reaching new market or potential customers, increasing sales, using social media as a customer support tool, and conducting market and buying lead research.


In their Social Media Marketing strategy implementation, Matrix Bricks declared strategic actions are mainly activities related with promotion and sales process, customer support, and market intelligence. We also puts emphasize on public relation activities, such as: posting contents on value and culture of the brand, news about the brand, socialization contents, and offline events. Other than that, We are also engaging key influencers, personalities, or public figures as a mean of customer influence, and following their competitor accounts in social media.