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5 Big Content Marketing Trends For 2020

5 big content marketing trends for 2020In the year 2020, both SEO and content marketing are going to be more important than before. The future is going to be bright as there will be more helpful, useful and technically amazing content that perfectly aligns with the preferences, user habits along with the search needs of a particular user.

Content is getting better as we are getting smarter about how we create, research, strategize and publish it. As a whole, content marketing is no longer considered to be a type of marketing experiment but, it is basically a proven strategy that can perfectly work for a certain brain. This section again talks about the best content marketing tips or trends for 2020.

  1. Next Level Visuals In Content

Again, in the year 2020, the trend of the visual forward platforms will continue to rise. People are going all-in on the power of interactive or dynamic imagery from entertainment to communication. Among adults, YouTube is the most searched platform. Another interesting trend is to create your own GIFs from video clips via Giphy.

So, now, you can create GIF all by yourself instead of pulling a reaction GIF from your TV show, movie or character. With the presence of the best Content Marketing Strategy, the possibilities are endless and as a result, more marketers are taking advantage of this.

  1. Visual Storytelling And Video Content

The video was considered to be a big deal in the year 2019. With the increasing popularity of AR, dynamic imagery and YouTube, both the visual storytelling and video content will continue to rise in the year 2020. Video is a type of content that is consumed by 62% of the consumers.

  1. Upping Your E-A-T

In August 2019, a blog was published by Google on Webmaster Central with reminders about its core updates and also what to exactly do about them.

The blog mainly discusses reading or understanding of the Search Quality Rater Guidelines along with E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). So, it is evident that we need to focus on proving authority, expertise, and trust in our specific content.

  1. More Purposeful And Better Content Than Ever Before

In 2020, more and more marketers and creators understand the specific need for content of the highest quality. As a result, the marketers possibly understand that you need to create better content so that it will win in the SERPs and with readers. So, one should have a better understanding of what the target audience needs from the search results for a given keyword.

  1. Customer-First And Ultra-Targeted Content

One of the most important determining factors for successful marketers in the year 2018 – 2019 was to prioritize the informational needs of the customer above the sales messages.

This trend was followed by most of the marketers and they properly understand that trust-building with audiences begins with offering help, guidance, entertainment or information. So, this particular trend will continue to rise in the year 2020.

Final Words

As a result, these content marketing trends for 2020 should be essentially considered by the companies who are involved in following Content Marketing Services In Navi Mumbai.