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5 Tips to Make Quality Viral Content

5 tips to make quality viral contentViral content is everywhere. We hear that term on everyday basis. Especially, when you are the content creator it is your goal and dream. Creating something viral is attracting a lot of attention to yourself or your business. It can make you famous within weeks. If you use that opportunity, you can reach the success you never thought about. All of us have seen a lot of different videos, some of them were responsible for creating new celebrities or bringing businesses to world scale. For example, child is song county music in Walmart. But can we somehow affect our chances of creating viral content or it is pure luck. Today, we will discuss 5 tips, which will help you in achieving your goal for Viral Content.

  • First of all choose topic. It should be something that is popular and actual. By that, we are choosing the topic, which is proved to be interesting for wide audience. You should probably concentrate on something that was trendy by itself: some events, movements, or affairs. Recent example of those events is Pride month. I doubt the chances that some video about random event back in 2005 would interest many people. Another option is to go with something evergreen. However, I would recommend again to connect even them to something popular in the moment, because those evergreens are rare, and most of them are overused by other people before you.
  • You created something on interesting topic and ask yourself whether it is enough. I will answer you that most probably it is not enough. Again, there are millions of articles, videos and etc. about that topic that are published every day, and none of them goes viral. There should be something that will make people want to share it. I will define that as two things: emotional connection and/or message. People should feel that it is created by humans. More specifically, the content should touch them emotionally. It should cause the expression of some strong emotions, like happiness or crying.  Additionally, if it is connected with some message, which appeals to people, audience will share it a lot.
  • Another important factor is quality. Quality content can be much easier be noticed, and it will satisfy more people. Additionally, videos and graphics tend to be shared more than any other content types. Invest some time and money in the picture and visuals, since it most probably will pay-off.
  • Now you have created the content, which has a potential to go viral.  However, it has to arrive to a target group, which will share it further. First of all, think about who they are. If you are making viral gadget commercial, than first one who should see it would be geeks.
  • The final tip is to try to reach someone who has influence in that field. If he/she shares Content, it will have a huge boost at the beginning.

I gave you everything that can help you in creating the viral video. All you need now is creativity, idea and little bit of luck, and some day everybody will be talking about you or your company.