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23 Youtube Statistics That Matter To Marketers In 2020

23 youtube statistics that matter to marketers in 2020It is evident by the 2019’s YouTube stats, that it is a larger platform than all other social media. As a result, the primary step towards mastering this particular platform is to get a hold on the numbers. Here is given the discussion about the 23 YouTube statistics which most matters to the marketers in the year 2020.

The User Statistics Of YouTube

  1. There Are Over 2 Billion Monthly Users Of YouTube

Each and every year, there is a growth of the user base of YouTube. In May 2018, their population of the user was 1.8 billion. This is the main reason why one should be aware of the best YouTube Marketing strategy in order to be a successful YouTuber.

  1. There Are About 73% Of Adults In The U.S. Who Are Involved In Using YouTube

It is more than Facebook and Instagram. Pew Research concluded that YouTube is considered to be the most admired online platform in America.

  1. Almost 81% Of 15 To 25-Year-Olds Make Use Of YouTube In The U.S.

YouTube gets more and more well-liked among the younger age group.

  1. It Is The U.S. From Which 15% Of Site Traffic In YouTube Comes

In accordance with the estimates of Alexa, about 15% of YouTube viewers are from the U.S.

  1. In India, There Are Near About 93% Of The YouTube Users

This is true and so; the best YouTube Strategy for the content marketers is to focus them.

  1. There Are Only 33% Of Most Accepted YouTube Videos That Are In the English Language
  2. Every Minute, More Than 500 Hours Of Video Are Uploaded By The People
  3. On An Average, On YouTube, Around 11m 24s Per Day Are Spent By The Users
  4. Around 70% Of What People Consider Watching On YouTube Is Mainly Resolute By The Recommendation Algorithm Of That Particular Platform
  5. On An Average, Each Visit To YouTube Specifically 6.5 Pageviews
  6. About 79% Of Views Are Mainly Drawn By 10% Of The Most Renowned YouTube Videos
  7. Over 70% Of The YouTube Views Are On Mobile
  8. The Connected TV Screens, The YouTube Views Have Possibly Increased By 39%

The Business Statistics Of YouTube

  1. While Making A Choice Regarding What To Exactly Watch, Whether A Specific Video Relates To The Interests Of A Viewer Is More Important To The People Rather Than Whether It Has Some Famous Personality
  2. Likewise, Rather Than The Production Value, Importance To Personal Interests Is More Significant To The Viewers
  3. Watch Time For The YouTube Videos On “Which Product To Buy” Specifically Doubled Between The Year 2017 And Also 2018
  4. There Are About 70% More Users Of YouTube Who Are Engaging With Channels As Well As Creators

YouTube Ad Statistics

  1. It Is Found That Men Speak Almost Double Than The Women In The YouTube Ads And Again Receive Around 56% Of General Screen Time
  2. After Netflix, YouTube Is Known To Be The Second Most Favored Platform For The Purpose Of Watching Video On TV Screens Specifically Among The 18 to 34-Year-Olds
  3. Usually, YouTube’s Google Favored Ads Lift Ad Recall By About 112%
  4. Year Over Year, The Number Of Channels Which Earn $10,000 USD Per Year Or More On YouTube Mainly Grew By 50%
  5. Preferably, YouTube Will Make 5.5 Billion Dollars In Terms Of Advertising Revenue In the Year 2020 In The U.S. Alone
  6. Most Of The People Are Considering Watching 70% Borderline Or Misinformative Video Content On YouTube

Final Words

So, knowing these 23 YouTube Statistics mostly matters to the marketers in the year 2020. It will effectively help them in YouTube Promotion.