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4 Tips To Create High Engagement Linkedin Post

4 Tips To Create High Engagement Linkedin Post

LinkedIn posts have great capability in bringing traffic to your website. But, most of the people fail to create interesting content on LinkedIn. So, here are given some of the important tips which you will help you to create a high engagement LinkedIn post.

  • If you desire to bring attention to your LinkedIn post, then all that you need is to include quick and informative native videos in it. Nowadays, most people are spending enough time on video content.

As per research studies, people are spending almost an hour on YouTube, more than 30 minutes on Facebook and comparable time amounts on both Instagram and Snapchat. When compared to the other social media sites, people barely are involved in making use of LinkedIn in terms of time.

A lot of people are making use of fewer than two hours a week on this particular platform. People browse efficiently and fast on LinkedIn and it is not realistic to expect 100 link clicks whenever you post your latest blog post link in this platform.

Therefore, the video content is considered to be dominating in LinkedIn as it is often concise and short. Short and easily digestible videos are the best way in which you can convey a lot of information and that too in a very less amount of time.

It all depends on what you exactly share as the native videos on LinkedIn can last from about 3 seconds to 10 minutes.

  • Similar to LinkedIn, Twitter is considered to be another less used social media platform which either people hate or love. Whenever you ask someone about their preferred social media network, then, Twitter does not always is at the top of the list.

This is because Twitter has something right about their specific platform. After all, it contains a simple and text-based posting. The plain text is considered to be the key to engagement.

Rather than any other form of content on LinkedIn, the basic text posts are involved in the generation of more views, comments, and likes. One can again make use of some eye-catching emojis in these text-based content.

Next time, when you go to LinkedIn for building engagement, it is important to keep simple.

  • You should write better content directly on LinkedIn. Most of the people are making use of social media sites to drive traffic. It is possible to produce better engagement in LinkedIn by following this particular step.

In this regard, you can take advantage of the wonderful native content system of LinkedIn. Good content contributes to winning people over every single time.

  • You should make use of your profile. The personal profiles contribute to dominate the platform of LinkedIn. Along with that, the personal profiles specifically get more views. It gets better engagement due to many important reasons:
  1. It is not possible to send personal messages or connect requests from a specific business page.
  2. Also, you cannot make use of LinkedIn Publisher specifically from a business page.
  3. People always want to engage with other people but not the companies.
  4. Most of the people are more likely to follow a personal profile rather than a brand.

Therefore, for maximum engagement, you should be posting from your profile.