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5 Seo Trends That Would Dominate In 2018

5 seo trends that would dominate in 2018As the SEO industry is progressing ahead by leaps and bounds, the old SEO techniques might not serve to increase the search engine ranking. So, if you are ready to rule the market in 2018, then you must search for experts who are hunting new SEO trends. Ways beyond, here’s what you must look for.

1) Mobile SEO

A feature-rich smartphone or a tablet has now gained the popularity among individuals. So, once the person gets addicted to the mobile phone, he or she never hesitates to use it for searching information. Much to your surprise, you would notice that 60% of the leads are generated through cell phones. Moreover, Google would also be introducing search index mobile first in the forthcoming months. So, when you are striving to be one among the top market players, you should always ask the developer to present a responsive website design. Moving ahead, the expert mustn’t block CSS images or Javascript and remove unnecessary characters from the code without altering the functionality.

2) Voice Search Optimization

As the year ends, voice search optimization would soon dominate the realm of online marketing. According to Google, 20% of mobile queries are just because of voice searches. A popular report also revealed that voice searches would soon be gathering momentum day after day. This leaves behind reasons to focus on enhancing the website speed and optimizing web content at par with the natural tone. It’s also a better idea to include different phrases within the content. Avail SEO services in Mumbai to know how experts can help you out.

3) Google’s features snippets

Over a period of time, Google has now started featuring snippets within the search engine results. A recent study states that almost 30% of search results have snippets. As such a type of trend evolves for answering queries, there’s a lot more that marketing professionals can do with the content. Apart from including questions, they must find fantastic ways to create question and answer pages. Once everything is done, the professionals should also check for content quality in order to engage visitors effectively.

4) User experience

Quite some time back, experts thought about increasing the rank through keyword stuffing and providing backlinks. But, now the scenario is much different because the focus is shifted to enhance the user experience. So, if you wish to rock in 2018, then you should make your website mobile-friendly, Furthermore, you can change the theme and make the site very much easier to navigate. While everything is taken care of, ensure that you see an improvement in the website’s speed.

5) Social media marketing

Finally, you should fall back when you need to enhance the online presence. In fact, as you run the SEO campaign, you should be completely prepared with the content marketing strategy. To generate qualified leads, you can always promote services through social media platforms. Just be sure that you think of something out of the box. A different way can make prominent even when the competition is fierce.

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