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5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Each and every visit is a possibility for something excellent to happen, so traffic is the first objective of Digital Marketing. It is even the website translation of usual “brand awareness” goal of marketing.

Producing traffic is a great role of the job, so let us take out it and take a careful look at where the traffic is coming from.

You can get flow of the traffic into websites from different sources: apps and websites, social networks, search engines, buttons and links, word of mouth and ad campaigns. Typically, we categorize these visitors into six major groups:

  1. Social: visitors that clicked on a social media link
  2. Search: visitors that found us with the help of search engine
  3. Email: visitors that clicked on newsletter link
  4. Paid: visitors that came from online advertisements
  5. Direct: visitors that directly typed our web address into the web browser
  6. Referral: visitors that came from any other websites

Here are some methods that can help you to increase your Website traffic:

Paid Advertising

Anybody can purchase traffic. PPC, Social ads, and display ads are surely one excellent way to get moving the boat. Choose your specific platform, set a targeted budget, make your ads, and you will start receiving traffic the day after tomorrow.

It is fast and measurable, but it’s somewhat expensive. You have got to purchase gas, or the motor does not work. And it is temporary.

Search Engine Optimization

Search optimizers are rather subject to the impulse of Google, just same as sailors depend on the condition of weather. But somewhat skill can take you a long manner very proficiently. Here is why: each and every page can catch enough amount of traffic like a sail fights with the wind.

Every good quality content if related to a famous subject and properly associated with a keyphrase, can catch the attention of visitors for long time. Not like a boat that has a physical limit to how some sails you can append, there is not any specific limit to the total number of pages you can make publish.

Email Marketing and Social Media

Email marketing and social media are the drivers based on activity of traffic. They are best as you have some direct management. Each and every time you pull those, you move in front. But in case you stop, you would not coast for long time. Soon you will be departed in the water.


There is one more method to move the ship onward: branding. Direct traffic is coming from people entering your address right into the web browser. Searches for your specific brand do not show up as direct traffic in researches, but basically it is the similar thing.

Click through Rate

Coming in a social stream, search results page or inbox is great, but it indicates nothing unless anyone clicks!

The requirement for a good click-through rate (CTR) is normal to all the possible channels. It is the skill which unites all the possible content marketers. It is how you begin the discussion.