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8 Secret Tips For Using Facebook Ads For Ecommerce

8 secret tips for using facebook ads for ecommerce

Facebook is considered to be an excellent platform for ads as it is the largest social media network. Usually, the properly targeted advertisements ob Facebook can be very helpful for any eCommerce business. The chances are good that you are missing on a lot of opportunities to make money in case you are not running Facebook ads now.

So, as to help out, here is given a list of some of the most effective tips which you can use at the time of coming up with the strategies for running Facebook ads.

Facebook Ad Tips For Ecommerce

Using the Facebook ads for eCommerce is more or less a literal goldmine for businesses with over a billion users. Also, the reality is that almost each and every people are using it to their advantages with such a huge number of users. Here are given some of the basic ideas which contribute to boosting your Facebook ad strategies.

Tip 1: Utilization Of The Multi-Product Advertisements

It is particularly suggested by the name that the multi-product ads will allow you to showcase several products all at the same time on Facebook. So, using this type of ad can be considered very helpful for several reasons such as:

  • This particular type of ad can be very helpful for boost conversion as the more products seen by a potential customer, the likelier that the customer will click on that specific ad.
  • It can contribute to giving several options to the customers.
  • Apart from that, it can also be used for the purpose of showcasing the various feature of a particular product.

Additionally, there are several indications that the multi-product ads really work. This kind of ad is known to be much more efficient when it is compared with the other types. It is clear by a specific study that the companies experienced up to 300% increase in their click-through rates after they used the multi-product ads.

Tip 2: Run Retargeting Campaigns

You generally know that most of the potential customers end up leaving their cart without completing their purchase in case you have been running your eCommerce business for some time now.

So, there are about 72% of the online shoppers who end up abandoning carts. In this regard, you should specifically run a retargeting campaign. Thus, by using retargeting campaigns, you possibly have a chance of getting over 25% of those customers to come back. Also, you can run the retargeting campaigns with the help of discounts, coupons, and other enticing offers.

Tip 3: Make Sure You Use Conversion Tracking Pixel

You are missing out on a great deal in case you are not aware of what a Conversion Tracking Pixel is and what it can do. This conversion tracking pixel is basically an important code which is used for tracking the behavior of those who visit your site. Along with that, it also allows you to track the number of conversions which you receive from your advertising campaign.

Also, the conversion tracking pixels can be used by Facebook for the purpose of targeting the right audience and also improving campaigns for your ads. In other words, it is a fantastic way to use Facebook ads for ecommerce purposes.

Other important tips include:

Tip 4: Use Video Advertisements Whenever Possible

Tip 5: Offer A Discount

Tip 6: Boost A Past Post

Tip 7: Use Posts That Are Not About Selling

Tip 8: Improve Your Brand Identity