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Boost Your Google Ranking With Local SEO

boost your google ranking with local seo

By 2021, mobile devices are expected to influence over $1.4 trillion worth of local sales. 

When it comes to an online business, a primary aspect of focus for any SEO firm in Mumbai will be getting a good Google ranking. As the leading search engine, it is important for a business to be visible on all relevant searches on this platform.

Along with all the other SEO strategies, one great way to boost ranking is with the use of local keywords. In recent years have been a massive rise in searches for nearby locations. Applying local SEO can help make your business visible to prospective customers, enhance ranking, drive website traffic, and aid conversions.

Here, we take a look at effective ways to boost Google’s ranking with local keywords and SEO strategies.

Get a Google My Business listing

To make sure you are getting ranked for local searches, the first thing you need is to update your Google My Business listing. This will ensure that your business shows up on all relevant searches, including maps, near your location. To maximize your chances of a search listing, be sure to complete your profile with accurate information, add photos, and respond timely to reviews.

Google ranks local searches based on relevance, distance, and prominence. The more accurate your information, the higher your chances for a relevant listing.

Leverage local keywords

Searches for “near me” or “close by” keywords grew by more than 900% since 2018. 

Keywords are like a mantra for SEO agencies in Mumbai and around the world. Along with business and industry-specific keywords, you will need to highlight local keywords as well. This will help get your business a better rank for all searches. In a lot of cases, you can modify your current keywords with your location.

You can even put the names of localities or landmarks that help better identify your location. In others, you may need to conduct detailed research to gain a better ranking. In case you still aren’t sure how to use local-specific keywords, take a look at what your competitors are doing.

Ensure your website is optimized

A well-functioning website is crucial for any SEO strategy, be it global, national, or local. Make sure the landing pages are working well and that every click leads to a relevant page. Also, include local-specific keywords on your web content to boost ranking and visibility.

Another important aspect is for your website to be mobile-optimized. A majority of the searches are carried out on mobile devices. For local searches, this aspect becomes all the more important as it helps show your business on Google Maps, allowing customers to quickly gauge your location.

Enhance business credibility and ranking with reviews

With an overwhelming amount of businesses and scams trying to make their way online, consumers have gotten more careful than before. These days, customers rely heavily on online reviews and testimonials to aid their final purchase decision.

Businesses should actively list their reviews on their website. In case of a negative review, be sure to respond to it courteously and promptly. This helps customers know that the business is engaged and responsive. Positive online reviews and an engaged brand also rank higher on Google.

Monitor and adjust your SEO strategy

SEO is not a one-time thing that can do performed once and then forgotten about. Instead, it is a recurring process that needs to be constantly monitored to ensure it is performing in line with the company’s goals. Once you have all the local keywords and listings in place, be sure to monitor what is working and what isn’t. Google and several other sites offer a slew of statistics for an informed analysis.

Be sure to analyze all these metrics timely to be able to adjust any strategy that isn’t performing as well. Over time, company goals and objectives may also evolve. Regularly tweaking the SEO strategy can help your business stay relevant while being authentic to its vision.

Thus, when it comes to boosting Google ranking or sales, local SEO and keywords can be highly beneficial. With an increasing number of people preferring to look for nearby solutions, you can gain a whole new set of customers from your nearby locations. To know more about how you can effectively leverage local SEO for Google ranking, be sure to consult the leading firms for search engine optimization services.