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Content Marketing VS Copywriting

content marketing vs copywriting

Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

One of the most common questions asked when it comes to formulation content is whether to opt for a content marketer or copywriter. A lot of people use these terms interchangeably with most not knowing the difference between the two. Before you decide on opting for content writing services in Mumbai, it may be advisable to understand the different aspects of these two and formulate a holistic content plan for your business.

Content marketing refers to various forms of content that offer information or share educational content to attract audiences and hopefully convert them to customers. This popularly includes resources such as blogs, articles, and informational audio-video content.

Copywriting is content that encourages the reader to take a specific action. This may be in the form of signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. Typical forms of copywriting include ad content, sales and marketing documents, and promotional emails.

To get the most out of your prospective customers, brands should combine the features of both to create an effective content strategy. The best content writing companies in Mumbai can offer you high-quality content that educates as well as encourages customers towards action.

Too much content marketing, too little copywriting

A lot of content online is powerful and educational. Yet, it is almost invisible in search engine ranking and hardly reaches prospective customers. This is because while the content was focussed upon, copywriting wasn’t given due attention.

Here are the common features of such content:

Low engagement, poor traffic, and fewer readers. A lot of times headlines and taglines are the issue here. If the headline is not attractive to the audience or does not clearly indicate what the content includes, it could be lost in the sea of information online.

Information is written without a defined focus on how it helps or impacts the customer base. General information is alright sometimes. However, just like selling a product, the benefits need to be clearly defined to customers, similarly, the value of the content for the reader needs to be carefully considered.

Customers don’t feel engaged with the content. While the information provided may be valuable, if customers don’t connect with the writing style or feel engaged, they are less likely to share or return to the blog. Additionally, there is no clear call to action encouraging customers to take any step thus causing brands to lose out on potential sales.

All of these aspects can interfere with your brand’s ability to connect with and convert customers. To avoid these common pitfalls be sure to partner with one of the best content writing agencies in India.

Too much copywriting, too little content marketing

Similarly, being too aggressive in your content approach can backfire in the long run. Focussing too much on copywriting without substantiating it with the benefits of content marketing can make your brand seem pushy and aggressive making customers uncomfortable.

Here are the common features of such content:

Pushy ads are all about the sale. One of the most accepted facts about modern marketing is that overwhelming a customer into a purchase will not work. Without good content writing, the marketing strategy is likely to fall as it does not offer customers any good information or content to grasp what the product or service is about.

Content offers no free value to customers. When copywriting is the focus, there is often no free content shared with customers. These free resources are a great way of building relationships and attracting new audiences. Going straight for conversion without this aspect is likely to cause customers to shift to a customer.

There are subtle differences between copywriting and content marketing. These are largely in the tone of the content, their ability to convey information, and encouraging a strong call to action. Content marketing tends to be more interactive and informative while copywriting is more focussed and motivated towards a specific action.

While content marketing is important for building valuable relationships, in the long run, copywriting helps produce immediate action. Thus, for brands to develop a good content strategy, elements of both need to be incorporated. For more guidance on creating the right content for your company, be sure to partner with one of the leading content development companies in Mumbai.