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Digital marketing: Importance and Growing Relevance

44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine.

Technology has found its way through everything. Individuals across the globe reach for their smartphones every time they are looking for something-be it information or a product. For businesses, the internet is their prime domain to interact with prospective customers and this is where digital marketing comes in.

Be it engaging customers, boosting sales, or driving audiences to the website or to physical stores, digital marketing does everything and more. However, it is important to have a clear strategy in place for this medium to be effective. Partnering with the best digital marketing agency in India can help businesses create an effective strategy that offers large returns while being in line with their company’s goals and objectives.

Here are some of the benefits of digital marketing that we believe will ensure it stays around for a long time and will only grow in importance.

Equal opportunity platform

Traditional methods of advertising tended to favor big corporates. Most of them required huge expenses and often high competition for advertising space. The Internet provides equal opportunities for big and small businesses. Even with a small budget, an online strategy by a digital marketing agency in Mumbai can offer huge returns in a short amount of time. The difference here is not so much an expensive budget but rather the ability to run SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing strategies effectively.

Widespread global reach

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.

Boosting business awareness is the first step for any brand. Unless prospective customers do not know you exist, they cannot purchase your products. Digital marketing allows brands to reach customers everywhere, from their neighbourhood to across the globe. Instead, of paying premiums for every ad copy to run in different locations, brands can geo-target their content to show up for relevant customers.

Engage with customers

These days, simply promoting a brand isn’t enough. Customers need to feel engaged. Traditional marketing was largely one-sided which didn’t allow companies to interact with customers. Digital marketing allows for high interaction and engagement with the audience. This encourages customers towards a purchase while also helping companies stay informed about changing customer perceptions and behaviours to modify their strategy accordingly. To ensure you are getting the most out of your digital marketing campaign, be sure to partner with the leading digital marketing company in Mumbai.


Over availability of information and stimulation has led to short attention spans for audiences. Not to mention increasing competition with multiple brands trying to sell the same product. All of this necessitates a brand’s ability to attract and hold the customer’s attention. Digital marketing makes use of multimedia that keeps information fresh and attractive. Instead of relying only on huge amounts of text, brands can share a lot of information quickly through videos. Product demos, how-to videos, and others are a perfect way to attractively transfer valuable information in an engaging manner. Additionally, pictures, infographics, and other media forms allow brands to creatively pursue customers.

Brand image and response

Another factor that determines customer loyalty these days is how well they identify with the brand. Along with the product quality, the brand image is a huge influencer in the purchase decision. Digital marketing allows brands to project an image that is best in line with their goals without relying on a journalist or middleman. From company ideologies to supporting social causes, brands can create the right image for their brand based on their customer base with the right digital marketing strategy.

When it comes to reaching customers and boosting conversions, digital marketing is an essential factor these days. Every brand, business, or professional, needs to be visible online to be relevant to a customer. Adopting this strategy correctly can help businesses create a strong foothold in the minds of the customer without having to exceed their budget.

An important criterion to running a successful online campaign is constant monitoring, reviewing, and tweaking. This can be overwhelming for many, but without it, the results are likely to suffer. To ensure your digital marketing campaign is on point and continues to bring your returns for a long period, we recommend reaching out to the top digital marketing agency in India.