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Digital Marketing Trends 2022

Stay ahead with these top digital marketing trends in 2022

Digital marketing is evolving at a rapid pace. The last couple of years saw a variety of changes that needed to be made to the online space with the pandemic shifting everyone online. However, that is already old news, with new trends emerging at an unprecedented pace, 2022 has a whole lot of new aspects to be included in this year’s digital marketing services.

Here, we bring you the top trends that should be high on the list of all digital marketing companies in USA and across the world.

Short and real videos are the new focus

Video marketing has been around for a while but it is only gaining more popularity. The acceptance of Stories, Reels, and other short videos showcase the way audiences prefer getting new information.

Not just a marketing tool, videos are great for engaging audiences too. With smartphones allowing everyone to make a quick video, this is great too for enhancing audience participation.

Instead of focusing on ultra-polished videos, the new focus will be on real videos that showcase the life behind-the-scenes of a brand. Also, short and simple DIYs and instructional videos will need to be a huge focus for digital marketers in 2022 to stay ahead.

Influencer marketing has to align with company goals

Influencers were a massive rage in 2020 and some reached their peak in 2021. A lot of people started losing their trust in influencers which began impacting the brands they were associated with.

While influencers in no way are no longer a great marketing asset, choosing them carefully is crucial. Be wary and don’t simply opt for someone who is popular in the short term. It is important for marketers to ensure they match the brand values as an individual. Negative comments and other behavior of an influencer can negatively impact the brand.

Personalization is in higher demand

Ever since the massive shift online, brands have been trying to opt for personalized messages to cut through the noise and stand out. Now, personalized messages have become an expected norm for customers.

Keywords are commonly used to target a wide segment of the audience. However, specific advertising that caters to individuals will be the new shift. Audiences need to see what they want when they want.

Personalized ads help audiences feel more engaged and more likely to keep shopping. Also, it enhances customer loyalty which is very important when competitors are just a click away.

Cryptocurrency as a digital payment

Many may think this is still a faraway concept but with NFTs and cryptocurrency gaining widespread acceptance, it may be wise to factor them in. Several social media platforms are already working to integrate them as a digital payment method and e-commerce may not be far behind.

To stay ahead of the curve, it is a great idea for brands to reach out to a digital marketing agency in India and start working on how they plan to take their brand forward in the crypto age.

Build a responsible brand

Every day there is more information on the news about climate change and harmful industrial processes. Words like sustainability, artisanal, and zero-waste, are becoming more than buzzwords – they are becoming a lifestyle choice.

Audiences aren’t’ looking just at the quality of products but the quality of the brand they buy from. Focus on CSR and eco-friendly practices. Be transparent with audiences on how your brand is doing what it can and you are likely to stay relevant for a longer time.

Countermeasures for news feed fatigue

When lockdown first occurred, people would spend hours scrolling through their feeds with nothing else happening. However, with two years in, online fatigue is a real thing. No longer are people interested in receiving overwhelming amounts of ads and content in their feeds.

Before you roll out your next ad, think of how many ads a user may already have seen. Instead of constantly pushing sales, mix it up with some non-sale memes, videos, or even a fun engagement activity.

As digital marketing continues to evolve, marketers need to stay relevant to upcoming trends. The online world is constantly changing as audiences demand and expect more. With competition on the rise, relying only on branding and SEO practices are no longer enough to stand out. To know more about growing your online presence relevantly, reach out to a leading agency for digital marketing services today.