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Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

digital marketing trends in 2017According to many sessions conducted in metropolitan cities, we have listed down some trends for getting profitable returns from digital marketing. Various activities such as content marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing is what someone can observe as the year paces ahead. So, with this in our minds, let’s see the trends in detail.

Content Marketing

Content has always been the backbone of numerous digital marketing efforts. Just like reviews and recommendations, these help in generating leads and aid the business to flourish by leaps and bounds. As a company seeks to boost the online presence, content can be posted in form of informative blogs, infographics, and eye pleasing images. Not just that, firms can use videos to provide information pertaining to products or services. These could as similar to a slideshow, GIFs, or something that speaks coherently about the brand. Moreover, videos are developed when the best SEO strategies are thought about.

Influencer Marketing

As it’s obvious from the term, influencer marketing involves promotion of a brand through specialists whose opinions and testimonials capture the attention of visitors. While the prime focus is on influential people rather than the target market, it recognizes individuals that have sought pleasure working with the organization. Later, every promotional activity revolves around influencers. For instance, a company that offers travel packages would certainly work upon stories around travelers who have visited many destinations.

Native advertising

While native advertising may be considered as a conventional way to promote services, it still prevails in 2017. In many situations, such form of advertising manifests as a video or an article which intents to promote products. Even though ads may not appear due to ad blockers, reduced organic reach, and decline of banner ads they are sure to appear as the year rolls by.

Creating mobile friendly websites

With almost everyone searching for information on smartphones, the trend leads to the increase of Mobile First Approach. As the website gives a snapshot of the business, a responsive design is always thought about. This means that the site can easily be navigated on mobile phones. So, if the site is not mobile optimized, then you’re way behind in the competitive race. Moreover, you won’t be delivering services to quite a number of people. After all, you can’t deny the fact that people prefer using their mobile phones rather than switching on their desktops.

Social Media Marketing

For effective engagement, promoting services on social media platforms would soon be prominent in 2017. Be it an informative blog, a short duration video or a different post altogether, companies can actually entice web browsers to what they primarily deal in. On the other hand, social media marketing certainly helps in knowing preferences and be best in creating a difference. Remember, when everyone likes being on networking sites, you would surely find the best way to notify people about everything along with offers and discounts.

Vernacular Marketing

When users don’t wish to communicate in English, vernacular marketing is definitely going to gain importance. Visitors would be able to go through websites that deliver content in different mother tongues. They would no longer have to be proficient in English, the universally known language.

So, are you ready to stay ahead in 2017 and the forthcoming years?  Regardless of the business, you manage, you can always avail digital marketing services in Mumbai.