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Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

The internet is constantly changing and digital marketing is growing bigger and better every year. Earlier, concepts like SEO and online advertising were an optional addition to a brand’s marketing efforts. However, these days, with everything online, digital marketing is the key to staying relevant in the competitive landscape.

The COVID-19 pandemic further pushed a host of products and services online making the online space even more competitive. Standing out and drawing the attention of your target audience at the right time has never been as crucial as it is today.

As technology is constantly evolving, there is no single function that can continuously promote your brand. Trends change and to stay visible, brands need to change their strategies too. Here, we bring you the hottest trends in digital marketing that will push your brand to the forefront in 2021.

Personalised engagements

91% of customers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations.

Gone are the days of generic offers by brands. These days it’s all about personalisation. Every communication – be it an email, a suggestion, an offer – is expected to be tailored to a particular customer based on their purchase history and shopping behaviour.

Not only does this help a brand promote their products to a relevant audience, but it also boosts customer engagement and relationships. People are more likely to return to a brand that is capable of anticipating their needs than one that continues to promote products to a huge audience regardless of their interests.

Alternate search options

65% of consumers ages 25-49 years old talk to their voice-enabled devices daily.

The increase in adoption of smart speakers and devices has led to a growing dependence of alternate search forms. The number of voice-activated searches has significantly gone up in recent years. Additionally, visual searches have also seen an increase. Rather than having to decipher a product based on an image and then create a search, people find it easier to upload a pic and have Google match the product to a purchase site.

For brands to stay competitive in 2021, digital marketing strategies that help adopt these alternate search forms is important. Once a technology is introduced, it doesn’t take time to start trending with the audience – at that time it is too late for a brand to start cultivating a strategy. The process needs to be in place beforehand.

Influencer and interactive marketing

Every brand believes its product to be the best – but it isn’t always enough to convince the audience. Influencer marketing has been on the rise and this trend is expected to ride the wave in 2021 as well. Influencers are thought leaders that can add far more credibility to a brand than any amount of self-promoted advertising.

Additionally, marketing is no longer a one-way street. Customer engagement is important at every step from promoting brand awareness to learning about customer interests. Quizzes, polls, surveys – are all great ways of interacting with your audience while promoting your brand.

Video marketing

By 2022, 83% of the world’s internet traffic will be video.

One of the main reasons digital marketing is so popular is the gamut of options its offers – and video is the place to be. From quick introductory videos to how-to product demonstrations and even fun customer engagements – video marketing is the hottest trend for digital marketers to adopt in 2021. It gives you the option of sharing a huge amount of data in a couple of minutes while also boosting customer retention. Everything from social media stories to website videos can go a long way in boosting online engagement and awareness.

User-created content

Also known as user-generated content (UGC), this is one of the best marketing tools in a brand’s arsenal. This content is created by the users, without sponsorship, from the brand and offers huge credibility to the brand’s voice. Customers are more likely to trust the experience of their peers with a product than the advertisements of a marketing team. These can be pictures and videos of the customer using the product, written testimonials, or even social media posts. Sharing this content is a great way to acknowledge the existing customer base while also promoting the brand to new customers.

When it comes to digital marketing, change is the only constant. It is imperative for brands to stay continuously updated on all emerging trends and adapt early to continue dominating the competitive landscape. If you need help defining your digital marketing strategy for 2021, be sure to connect with a leading digital marketing agency today.