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Effective tips to blend PPC and SEO strategies

effective tips to blend ppc and seo strategies

More than 95 percent of clicks go to the top four search results.

When it comes to planning a digital marketing strategy, the age-old debate has been choosing between SEO and PPC. While some belief in the longevity of organic marketing through SEO, others believe in the immediate impact via a PPC campaign. To know how SEO can boost your PPC campaign, consult a PPC consultant India.

Both these mediums offer a host of benefits individually. However, combining them effectively allows for greater success. With every brand vying for visibility online, it is essential to target your audience accurately. By blending these two strategies, brands can enhance visibility, and improve targeting and click-through rates (CTR).

Here are some effective ways to combine your SEO and PPC strategies for improved results.

Keyword sharing

Gaining brand visibility is one of the core aspects when designing a digital marketing strategy. Both SEO and PPC campaigns are centered around boosting brand visibility and traffic. Keywords play a big role in this. By identifying the right keywords, brands can effectively treat their prospective audience to boost conversions.

By blending the keyword research used in SEO and including it in a PPC campaign, brands can greatly improve their chances of connecting with the right audiences. The keywords identified from an SEO campaign must be shared with the PPC team. Keep in mind, organic search while important may not get you to the very first location. However, a paid ad with the same keyword will.

Content testing

When it comes to digital marketing-content is among the most valuable assets for any brand. Sharing informative content that is actually searched by the audience can go a long way in boosting brand credibility and establishing one as a thought leader. This is another place where blending the two strategies can provide better results.

Along with the identification of the keywords, it is important to test them to ensure that they work as expected. This is where PPC can help SEO. By placing the select keywords in the ad copies and testing their effectiveness, brands can identify the best terms that work for the target audience. This helps improve ad copy and SEO content as it indicates where the focus should be. For additional guidance, reach out to a PPC agency in Mumbai.

Placement Solutions

More than 40 percent of clicks go to the top three paid ads in search results.

Every industry has numerous brands competing to get noticed by the audience, it is no secret that the higher your rank on Google is, the better your chances are. With effective SEO strategies, you can greatly boost your Google ranking. However, you still may not necessarily make it among the top few. As your listing drops on the search page, your chances of getting that click greatly reduce.

By combining your SEO strategies with a PPC campaign, you can secure great placement solutions for your brand. A paid campaign ensures that every time a relevant search query is run in Google, your ad will show up at the top. This greatly improves the chances of the coveted click-through rate. Additionally, by boosting visibility at the time of search chances for conversion are higher owing to the customers’ intent to buy leading to a search.

Optimise landing pages

This is a crucial and most effective tip in blending your two strategies. Imagine that you have paid for an ad that has generated traffic and got people ready to buy on your website only to face difficulties in completing the purchase. This is one of the biggest deterrents when it comes to conversion. It is essential that your landing page, where visitors who click on your ad are sent, is optimised for a smooth navigational experience. For more information on how to better blend these two strategies for maximum conversions, please consult the Best PPC and SEO service provider in India.

Thus, when it comes to maximising the results of your digital marketing strategy, both SEO and PPC offer several merits. However, blending the two allows you to draw the benefits of both strategies in a far greater manner. To ensure your brand isn’t missing out on potential business, be sure to opt for a strategy that blends the two mediums.