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Facebook vs Twitter for Business- Which is Better?

Business marketing has changed a lot in past years. There is no better platform to advertise your brand or product, than Social Media. Billions of people daily visit them, and spend there a lot of time. Those are people from different countries, with different backgrounds and you can always find giant audience on social media. About 2.56 billion of people are using social media daily. Therefore, in 2018 you have to use it if you want to succeed. Most popular social media for business are Facebook and Twitter. So, the obvious question is which one is better? The truth is that it depends on what is your goal.

Let’s talk about numbers first of all. Facebook is the most popular social media.  According to Statista, Facebook has 1.45 billion active users daily. 79% of Americans on internet use Facebook. More than half of its users in USA open it few times a day. Mostly, the audience is 25-34 years old (12% of males and 13% of females). Simultaneously, Twitter has 330 million monthly active users. Users of twitter are likely to be millennials, since 36% of Americans aged 18-29 years old use twitter. 32% of its users open it more than once a day.

By numbers, Facebook has enormous lead. Therefore, why should some of us use Twitter instead of Facebook? The answer is because it is different. Their audience behaves differently, their habits are different and their advertising mechanisms are different too.

Facebook is more about connectivity with family and friends. It is all about closer communication. On Facebook you can share more information, since you are not limited with 280 characters. However, it is harder to receive a like on Facebook, than re-tweet or following on Tweeter.  Facebook has a very effective algorithm for advertisement. For very low price you can target specific group of people and by that to receive only audience you truly need. Facebook requires more detailed marketing plan, if you want to succeed.

On the other hand, Twitter is very fast-paced social media. People are opening it in order to read what happens in their social world and find something new. Due to its limited texting, you can just write short description that will be easily understood by customers. You should treat it like an elevator pitch. You should deliver your point directly and effectively. Twitter is the best way to interact with people. Its audience is open to find something new, and you can easily access them. You can create awareness about your brand easier than on any other platform.

You should choose what your goal is. If you want a boost for your company, and you need to deliver short idea of what you do to your audience, than Twitter is option for you. However, if you want to share more information to a wider group of people, Facebook should be your choice. In reality, it will be most effective to combine both in your Social Media Marketing campaign. They both deliver information to many people, but in unique ways.