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Google Algorithm Updates And Their Importance

google algorithm updates and their importance

Google introduces several changes to its ranking algorithm very frequently. Some of these are considered to be little tweaks whereas the others are enough to shake up the SERPs.

It is very important for the search marketers to be well aware of the major updates of Google but it can affect their organic website traffic along with rankings.

This section provides you a brief overview of the frequent updates in Google Algorithm and also its importance.

Major Google Algorithm Updates In 2020

Featured Snippet De-duping: It was introduced on January 22, 2020. As a part of it, Google announced that the URLs in the Featured Snippets would not appear specifically as traditional organic results.

Google considers a Featured Snippet to be a promoted organic result. Therefore, it has some major implications for organic CTR and rank tracking.

January 2020 Core Update: It was introduced on January 13, 2020. So, a major core update was rolled by Google with MozCast which shows heavy flux across three days.

Along with that, it also shows a high temperature of 97°F. This particular update is again in line with the previous three core updates.

Google Algorithm Updates In 2019

International BERT Roll-Out: It was introduced on December 9, 2019. It was confirmed by Google that a specific natural language processing algorithm was rolling out internationally and that too in about 70 languages.

This specific announcement was made just after the speculation from the SEO community.

BERT Update: It was introduced on October 22, 2019. In order to efficiently support the NLP or natural language processing model, Google was involved in the up-gradation of their algorithm along with their underlying hardware.

Unnamed Update: An unnamed update was also made by Google on October 2, 2019. SERP trackers registered multiple days of the ranking flux with MozCast which shows early signs specifically on October 2.

Also, on October 4, it was peaking at 98°F. But, this update was not confirmed by Google.

September 2019 Core Update: This update was introduced on September 24, 2019. On MozCast, this particular update was measure at 97°F. Therefore, it seemed to have a great impact on the sites. But, any further details were not provided by Google regarding this.

“Maverick” Update: It was introduced on July 12, 2019. A week of heavy flux was also registered by the webmaster chatter and also ranking trackers. On July 16, MozCast peaked at 95°F.

This update was later dubbed the “Maverick” update specifically by the search community. But, this particular update remains unconfirmed by Google and therefore, the details were limited.

Site Diversity Update: This update was introduced by Google on June 6, 2019. They also claim that it will contribute to improving the situations wherever the sites possess more than two organic listings.

Some Other Updates In The Year 2019

  • June 2019 Core Update
  • Indexing Bugs
  • Deindexing Bug
  • March 2019 Core Update
  • 19-Result SERPs
  • Unnamed Update

Final Words

So, the Google Algorithm updates play a very important role as it affects the organic search results and also rankings of a particular website.