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How can you measure you Digital Marketing Campaign

HOW-CAN-YOU-MEASURE-YOUR-DIGITAL-MARKETING-CAMPAIGNNo promotional activity can be successful unless multi-channel efforts are examined carefully. As a person manages his own venture, it’s essential to know what entices a customer and finally helps in building a relationship. In order to leap forward, an individual should know about analytical tools for planning ahead in future.

Primarily, there are three things one should always focus on.


Action metrics follow a simple approach. The action is taken only for a positive outcome that augments to business growth. Never check how well you have updated the social networking site. Rather, think about the number of clicks that result into a purchase or the times when coupons are downloaded. While vendors attempt to sell by using models, these are not only complex in nature but also costly for marketing professionals.


Every sort of engagement is different from others. For instance, even though individuals have performed similar actions, someone may show more interest by watching a short duration video than someone who likes posts. Moving ahead, it’s not worth when a person watches a video without sound. The task is passive when compared to watching videos till the end. However, since there’s no tool for comparing engagement platforms, a guiding principle is proposed once you coordinate with a digital media agency in Mumbai.


Perception metrics help you figure out the impact of a message or any kind of content. The effect is measured indirectly through social listening, surveys and a well defined brand search. The change in the metrics can be cascaded down through conversion when awareness rises up slightly. If you can’t spare time away from work, then you can contact a digital marketing company for the desired campaign.

Tools for managing a digital marketing campaign

 Google Analytics

If you need to keep a track of the site’s performance or mobile device apps, then Google Analytics is surely an amazing tool. A business leader can not only measure advertising returns but also track Flash along with social media sites. In fact, you can see information pertaining to the website.

Google AdWords

Unique in every aspect, Google AdWords help you plan PPC ads according to the domains. Statistical data would aid you to ascertain growth through service and product promotions. The last-click attribution would give an idea by estimating the impact for a long term. Tables and charts for data review are sure to enhance the experience. As for the pricing,


Yet another useful tool for website optimization is Webmaster. Such a kind of tool offers insights related with content, indexing status, and the idea of how the website should look as per the perceptions of visitors. Way beyond, the professional can also recognize technical errors on the website. On the whole, the reports help you make implement the right SEO techniques.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts should never be missed out when you’re working with a digital marketing agency. This tool is important because the digital marketing team is updated with notifications associated with the brand, product and web browsers.

Finally, you can opt for Webtrends to gather a comprehensive review of how visitors interact with the brand. The tool helps you when marketers have promoted the brands on different channels.