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How Do Links On Web Pages Impact Seo

SEO-Link-BuildingAs an SEO expert, links are valuable and they often contribute towards ranking the website within the search engine results. Basically, links are considered as ‘votes’ which are popular. But, professionals have always worked a long way to capture signals from a link. It could either be in form of an endorsement or links from spam sites. So, here’s how different links create an impact.

Content links matter most:

Broadly speaking, links embedded in the content is of paramount importance for Google. The benefit can be observed only when visitors are redirected to the relevant page. Now, even though this might seem true, it’s tough to speak about the cause and effect. But, you can observe the impact when you consider external links

Links in footers are undervalued:

In case you have incorporated a link in the footer, but is not directed either to the sides or the top, then it may not bear weight. In fact, no matter what you have implemented for indexing, the tactic would never play well.

Visible links may count:

It’s quite obvious that a visitor is sure to click the hyperlink when it’s highlighted in a different font. Moreover, a link directing to the site is popular for Google. This means a lot when the link hails from a new site.

As far as links related to products are concerned, these hold value than the ones on unrelated sites. The prime reason is that related sites deliver information that’s actually relevant to the topic. When you have included numerous links to many web pages, you are sure to create a difference. The value is divided equally based on the count. On the other hand, you would be at a loss when you use the same keyword again and again. Rather than persuading prospective customers to avail services, the page would appear spammy. It’s also a bad idea to stuff links simply because they won’t pay off for additional value.

Text links perform better:

When compared with image links, text links perform better than any other form. Google would trace the link and it would then be known as the alt attribute of the image that passes the anchor text. On the contrary, a link in the image will redirect the visitor to some other location. Moreover, keyword-rich anchors won’t work because they too would point off.

Similar links can cause trouble:

Finally, if you are marketing items through an E-Commerce website, then you should be wise in choosing the keywords. Be very much sure of what you would be including in the footer. You either have to pay the price or forget about link equity. Instead, focus on getting links from the ‘Products’ or ‘About Us’ page. Avoid linking text on every single web page, the footer or the sidebar. Initially, you may not realize the impact but later it might cause trouble. The situation may arise in case the anchor is rich in text and you are trying to play around with the SEO technique.

Hope you coordinate well when a team is designing or revamping the website. Remember to include keywords in a natural way rather than stuffing them here and there.